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CHS Statement on the SIPPET study

For many years there has been debate in the medical community about which class of products has the lowest risk of inhibitor development in previously untreated patients (PUPs) with hemophilia A: recombinant factor VIII or plasma-derived factor VIII?

Some studies showed a lower rate of inhibitor development with plasma-derived FVIII; other studies did not. The studies, however, were quite small and retrospective or observational in nature, and so they didn’t provide conclusive results.

The SIPPET study is the first prospective, randomized trial to attempt to answer the question.

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Moving Ahead with Hemophilia - Research study

A new and innovative research project, supported by the Canadian Hemophilia Society, is now underway. As mentioned in the past, it is only through the input of patients that studies such as this one can gather sufficient data to be relevant.

The current study aims to understand the needs of Canadian adults 40 years of age and older living with hemophilia A or B. Results from this research will be used to design health education and programs for the adult hemophilia community.

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2016 World Hepatitis Day

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Important information re the surplus in the Trust Fund for the 1986-1990 Hepatitis C Settlement Agreement

As you know, the Attorney General of Canada has requested that the entire quarter-billion dollar surplus in the Trust Fund for the 1986-1990 Hepatitis C Settlement Agreement be allocated to “Canada.” The CHS, along with dozens other organizations, strongly objects to the surplus being paid out to the federal government. We strongly support the Joint Committee’s Notice of Motion to enhance the benefits to claimants.

It is now up to the courts to decide what to do with the surplus in light of the recommendations, including deciding that all or a portion of it should be kept in the Trust Fund.

Click here to read the official statement objecting to the 86‐90 Trust Fund surplus being paid out to the federal government.

Click here for a comprehensive Q&A document on the overall issue.

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The Canadian Hemophilia Society and the Patient Reported Outcomes Burdens and Experiences (PROBE) study group invite you to participate in a multinational, patient-focused research study to investigate and directly probe patient perspectives on outcomes that affect your own life and care.

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2015 CHS Annual Report

Factor VIII and IX: CBS tender results announced

OTTAWA, April 6, 2016 - Canadian Blood Services (CBS) announced the results of the tender for recombinant factor VIII and IX for the April 1, 2016 – March 31, 2018 period for Canada, excluding Quebec.

It is important to note that the decision surrounding these contracts was a unanimous one by the selection committee, involving experts from CBS, the Association of Hemophilia Clinic Directors of Canada, the Canadian Association of Nurses in Hemophilia Care and the Canadian Hemophilia Society. The evaluation was based on safety, efficacy, quality and cost.

The new contracts for recombinant factor VIII and IX will result in an estimated 40 to 50 million dollars of savings for the health care system annually. These savings are in addition to significant savings realized in the 2013-16 period over previous years.

A large number of patients with hemophilia A will be switching products as Advate, manufactured by Shire (formerly Baxalta) is phased out over the next several months. Following similar tender processes in recent years in countries such as Ireland, the U.K. and Australia, resulting in massive product switching, no negative outcomes were observed. The province of Quebec went through a similar mass switch in rFVIII products (Helixate FS to Xyntha) one year ago, and the process went very smoothly.

In addition, Bayer’s Kogenate FS will be replaced by the company’s new recombinant FVIII product, Kovaltry, also over the next several months.

While supply factors suggest that many patients using Kogenate FS will switch to Bayer’s new product Kovaltry, and that many users of Advate will switch to Pfizer’s Xyntha, such decisions are made jointly by the physician and patient/caregiver, and should not be imposed.

There are now four rFVIII products available for use in provinces served by CBS: Xyntha, manufactured by Pfizer; extended half-life Eloctate, manufactured by Biogen; Kovaltry, manufactured by Bayer; and Nuwiq, manufactured by Octapharma.

With regard to factor IX, Pfizer’s Benefix remains the predominant product. Biogen’s extended half-life Alprolix is also available. The plasma-derived FIX product, Immunine from Shire-Baxalta, while not part of the tender process, remains available.

The product switchovers will take place progressively across the country this summer and fall. Treatment centres will be in touch with their patients at the appropriate moment.

CHS support to research and market studies

Several times in the past, the CHS has invited the bleeding disorder community to participate in research and market studies. Once again, we wish to reinforce the importance of these projects and the benefit for our community to participate. Research and market studies are crucial to the advancement of care and treatment. This is your chance to voice your concerns and priorities when it comes time to your care and treatment or those of your child. At many levels, these studies are often one step closer towards a better quality of life.

These studies, however, need our community to gather sufficient data to be relevant.

Please take the time to see what is presently happening with regards to research and market studies and to see if you could take an active part in them.

Click here for more details on the RESEARCH studies currently recruiting participants.


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Good news! Manulife to underwrite eligible Canadians who test HIV-positive

April 22, 2016 – The insurance company Manulife announced that it will now accept life insurance applications from people who have tested positive for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the first insurer in Canada to do so.

Click here to read Manulife’s press release.

Spreading awareness about von Willebrand disease

A 4-minute von Willebrand disease segment aired as part of the “Canadian Health & Family” broadcast on CTV on, May 14, 2016.

You can watch the segment by clicking on the following links:

4-minute segment: www.HealthandFamily.ca/VonWillebrand
1-minute segment: www.healthandfamily.ca/show/von-willebrand-disease-spreading-awareness-2

4-minute segment: https://vimeo.com/user4577516/review/162552873/83d988cf96
1-minute segment: https://vimeo.com/user4577516/review/162552869/9b6a10ba5a

MyCBDR app now available!

MyCBDR app is now available for free from the Google Play Store (Android version) and the Apple Store (iOS version). If you are already using the MyCBDR website to record your treatments and bleeds, you can log in to the app using your MyCBDR credentials.

If you have not registered for MyCBDR yet, you can submit your request at www.mycbdr.ca/MyCBDR/Account/Register. Remember to select your HTC from the drop-down menu available at registration. The AHCDC and McMaster University are working continually to enrol more HTCs into the CBDR network. In case you belong to an HTC that is not yet using CBDR, you can still request a MyCBDR account by selecting “Holding Center for MyCBDR” as your HTC.

Please feel free to send in your questions, comments and feedback to help@mycbdr.ca.

N.B. The French-language version of the app should soon be available.

Me, the app that could end years of suffering for thousands of women

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to read the press release sent out on International Women's Day about this important new tool

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Products in the pipeline - NEW UPDATE (February 29, 2016)

Never have so many clotting factor concentrates been in development or “in the pipeline”. So many, in fact, that it has become difficult to keep track of them all. So the CHS is publishing five charts, one each for factor VIII and von Willebrand factor, factor IX, inhibitor products, other coagulation products, and one related to gene therapy, to help everyone stay informed of their progress through preclinical work, clinical trials and regulatory approval.

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Hemophilia Today - March 2016

E-novella spreading the word on bleeding disorders on Wattpad

One in 100 Canadians carries an inherited bleeding disorder gene, yet so many remain undiagnosed. In an effort to educate a younger audience about the symptoms and risks of bleeding disorders, we’ve developed an e-novella – entitled ‘A Negative’ – to spread the word in an engaging and memorable way.

Playing off the popular Harlequin romance genre, ‘A Negative’ tells the story of a young woman unknowingly living with von Willebrand disease. We’ve published the e-novella on Wattpad – the world’s largest online community of writers and readers – in order to connect with young women across Canada. This unique approach introduces the issue into a different medium, enabling us to speak to and educate an engaged but unsuspecting audience.

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Menstrual Assessment Chart (PBAC)

A bandage is not enough.


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