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Board of Directors


President - Paul Wilton

London, Ontario

Paul Wilton has previously served as president of Hemophilia Ontario and on several CHS committees, including the Blood Safety and Supply Committee. He previously served as director of Hemophilia Ontario's Pinecrest Adventures Camp. He was a member of the Canadian Blood Services' Southern Ontario Regional Liaison Committee. Paul has been an invited speaker at several World Federation of Hemophilia World Congresses. Paul has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and History and has begun work on a Master’s degree in Public Administration. He works at King’s University College in London, where he was recently elected to the Board of Directors.

I am honoured to follow in the footsteps of so many great leaders in the hemophilia community and to help develop new leaders who will help us reach our goal of improving the health and quality of life of all people with bleeding disorders and ultimately find cures.

Past President - Craig Upshaw

Toronto, Ontario

As a person with severe hemophilia and an inhibitor, Craig recognized early in life the importance of the hemophilia society to his future care and treatment. Seeing his parents participate in the local hemophilia chapter taught him the importance of being an active participant in advocacy for care. He volunteered as a youth, sat on the regional board in Edmonton and, like many youth, stepped away in his late teens and early twenties. When Craig returned to the regional chapter, he was mentored on how to effectively prepare and advocate for the organization. Serving as president of the Edmonton region of the Alberta Chapter in the late 1990s and on the national CHS board for at least 20 years meant learning procedure, governance and leadership from board peers and past leaders of the organization. 

I have sat on all the national committees and have been on the Blood Safety and Supply Committee for the last 16 years, which has been a critical element in my being able to understand complex blood-related issues, as well as participate on the Canadian Blood Services selection review committee for FVIII and FIX. It has been an honour to be the president and board chair of the CHS for the seven years; the time has been both challenging and rewarding

Vice President - John Schmitke


John Schmitke has been a member of the CHS Manitoba Chapter (CHS-MC) Board of Directors since 2009 and became its president in April 2017. John also served as chair of the CHS-MC Youth Committee and co-chair of the CHS National Youth Committee. John was presented with the Manitoba chapter’s “Youth Recognition Award” in 2003 for his work with young members learning self-infusion and again in 2012 in recognition of his outstanding leadership as a member of the CHS Youth National Committee and mentorship of Chapter youth. John was accepted to the “Step Up and Reach Out” program for youth with hemophilia in 2009. This program provided him with leadership training and an opportunity to meet hemophiliacs from around the world. He is currently the manager of Big Way Foods in Morris, Manitoba. He is an accomplished speaker and delivers talks on the subject of engaging in your health care.

When people meet me they would never think that I have a disorder of any kind, never mind one that typically manifests in physical symptoms. (...) I have always tried to be acutely aware of what hemophilia is like for the majority of people suffering from it globally, but that awareness is much different when those people surround you. (...) Some people see me as someone that has experience worth sharing. While I understand this, it is the experiences of others that drive me to continue living in an exemplary way.

Secretary - Maia Meier

Toronto, Ontario

Maia Meier has been involved with the Canadian Hemophilia Society for the past 20 years in various volunteer roles. She was President of Hemophilia Saskatchewan, and Secretary on the CHS Board. After moving to Ontario five years ago, she wanted to continue her involvement with the organization. She is currently President with Hemophilia Ontario and is the delegate for Ontario on the CHS Board of Directors. Maia is a Certified Exercise Physiologist and works in the health and fitness industry in Toronto. Affected by von Willebrand Type 2a, Maia is passionate about raising awareness about women and bleeding disorders.

As a woman growing up with a bleeding disorder, I've learned about the many challenges and issues that often need to be worked through and overcome. Through implementing of our programs and services I want to help, support and inspire other women who are living with inherited bleeding disorders so that they can reach their full potential and lead their life to the fullest.

Treasurer - Dianna Cunning

Lunenberg, Nova Scotia

Dianna’s youth years were in Nova Scotia, and teen years were in Florida. She truly appreciates having had both of those experiences growing up. It helped create who she is today. She currently lives in Lunenburg, NS, and is a Bank Manager at a large financial institution. It was only having her son diagnosed with severe hemophilia at the age of 19 months, that Dianna discovered her passion for bleeding disorders and found the NS Chapter and the Canadian Hemophilia Society. President of the NS Chapter for 8 years before stepping down in 2016, she continues to volunteer for Maritime Adventures Camp, a camp for children impacted with bleeding disorders.  She has been on the CHS national board of directors for the past nine years and held various positions from Vice-President to treasurer.

I love my volunteer work. I love making a difference and helping others, either on a provincial or a national level. Of course, this is all only possible because I am part of two wonderful teams: the NS Chapter and the CHS Board of Directors. We have the same passion, vision and goals. I look forward to my continuing work as treasurer of the CHS Board and will do my best to fulfill the role effectively and efficiently.

Director - Joe Doran

York, Prince Edward Island

Joe graduated from the University of Prince Edward Island in 1986 with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Psychology. Having worked with Veterans Affairs Canada since 1997, he currently serves as a Human Resources Strategic Advisor. Joe is the administrator for the community of Pleasant Grove and has been involved with the PEI Chapter for over 30 years where he currently serves as President. He is also the Co-Chair of the CHS National Governance Committee. 

I've been involved with the hemophilia community for as long as I can remember so it only seemed right to take my experience and qualifications to the next level and serve on the CHS Board. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up and never give up.

Director - Ben Glazebrook

Director - Mathieu Jackson

Montreal, Quebec

Mathieu has moderate hemophilia B. He completed a Bachelor’s degree in French literature at University of Montreal, where he is writing his master’s thesis in educational sciences. He works at the Centre for excellence in partnerships with patients and the public. Mathieu is a fellow of the 2017-2018 AFFIRM Program.

What inspired me to join the CHS Board of directors was when I realized I was part of a community of patients engaged on a global scale, and I saw the real world impacts we, as an organization, could have on patients’ lives.

Director - Jeffrey Jerrett

Newfoundland and Labrador

Jeff Jerrett is a Primary Elementary teacher in Central Newfoundland. He has severe hemophilia factor 8 deficiency and has been part of the NL chapter for many years serving as, Youth Director, Camp Programmer, Vice President and President and is currently serving as the chapter Treasurer. He is very involved with his community and strives to help those around him. 

I am very proud to be part of the Canadian Hemophilia Society. As a Newfoundlander, I am very happy to do my part for people with inherited bleeding disorders in my province and across the country.

Director - Kathleen Lawday

Hornby, Ontario

Kathy is a pharmacist who worked with a new drug-being developed for the treatment of people with hemophilia and inhibitors to FVIII/FIX.  On retirement, she joined the Board in 2011 and is a member of the Research Advisory Committee.

It is a pleasure to work with such a vibrant group of people, at the national and chapter levels, bound together by an inherited bleeding disorder but not bound by it to achieve the Society’s mission in improving the health and quality of life of all affected.

Director - Lawry MacLeod

Oxford, Nova Scotia

Lawry has held executive positions with the NS chapter many times since the diagnosis of his son’s hemophilia in 1980.  Currently, he is completing the term of the immediate past president who had to step down for health reasons.  Lawry is a retired elementary school teacher and principal who works within the chapter and is an adherent to the national PEP committee.

'No man ever really finds out what he believes in until he begins to instruct his children.”  We can best teach children how to mourn loss, overcome adversity and celebrate achievement if we learn it first through personal experience. Then we are better equipped to walk the hemophilia journey with them.

Director - Monica Mamut

Calgary, Alberta

In addition to degrees in genetics and kinesiology, Monica holds a Master’s degree in Health Administration, quality improvement and change leadership certifications. For nearly a decade, Monica has applied her formal education and growing expertise to multiple sectors in healthcare. She is currently the Manager, Evaluation and Performance, for Primary Care in Calgary, Alberta. 

It is a pleasure and an honour to serve on the Canadian Hemophilia Society National Board, and work for a forward-thinking organization dedicated to not only improving the health for all affected by a bleeding disorder, but quality of life as well.

Director - Carmen Nishiyama

Edmonton, Alberta

Carmen has been a provincial board member for 12 years and has served at the national level for two years. Before retiring from AHS in 2012, she worked in the dialysis unit for 26 years in both Red Deer and Edmonton. She was on the board of the Chamber of Commerce, volunteered on the Citizens Advisory Committee to the Corrections Institution and for various other groups. Carmen has her post secondary degree from Grant McEwan in Holistic Health and now works P/T as a bookkeeper.

I am the Oma of 4 grandchildren- three boys with severe hemophilia A and a granddaughter who is a carrier. My daughter spent a lot of time in and out of the hospital with them, too busy to volunteer. I felt that I could be there in her place. It has been a labour of love ever since.

Director - Wendy Quinn

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Wendy Quinn, mother of a son with severe Hemophilia A, is an advocate in the world of bleeding disorders nationally and internationally.  She is currently President of Hemophilia Saskatchewan and a director on the board of directors for the Canadian Hemophilia Society. Wendy is a committee member for the Bangladesh Twinning project and the Aging and Bleeding Disorders group. She holds a Master’s of Science, and is an adult gerontological nurse practitioner and primary care nurse practitioner. Wendy serves as a strong patient advocate with primary practice in aging/long term care communities, and a secondary practice in general population in the remote northern communities.

Canada is a leader in the world of bleeding disorder care, and it has given my son a life free of complications by simply having access to treatment with no barriers. This is invaluable, we must give back.

Director - Rick Waines

Victoria, British Columbia

Rick Waines is 51 years old with severe Factor VIII, HIV, and has been treated (and cured!!!) for Hepatitis C. He credits the Canadian Hemophilia Society as an important advocate and resource for his family since it’s inception in 1953. His uncle, Bill Rudd, was twelve in 1953, and the first in the family to have severe Hemophilia A. Rick’s grandfather started the BC chapter, and he and his parents served on the board. Uncle Bill was president of CHS for a time in the 80’s and helped start the Hemophilia Research Million Dollar Club, which to this day ensures that research leading to better treatments continues. Rick serves as Chair of the Program Committee and is a member of the Blood Safety and Supply Committee. He also sits on a Regional Liaison Committee for Canadian Blood Services.

As someone who contracted hepatitis C and HIV, I feel it is my responsibility to keep our access to blood products safe and secure. This is not a responsibility I take lightly. Given the life I live today would be much different had the CHS never been formed, it is also my responsibility to serve this organization for as long as I am able and my efforts remain constructive. None of the work of our volunteers would be possible without the amazing staff at the CHS: they are truly exceptional at their jobs, and have been part of my life from the beginning. The Canadian Hemophilia Society is, in no small way, responsible for the giant strides that care for people with all inherited bleeding disorders have enjoyed.