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National Volunteer Awards

On May 30, 2015 in Halifax, in conjunction with Rendez-vous 2015, the CHS recognized dedicated volunteers, staff and health care providers who made a significant contribution to the bleeding disorder community.

The CHS National Awards Program has become a biennial program, with awards presented every two years in May at the Rendez-vous joint meeting hosted by the CHS and the four health care groups. The next deadline for submitting nominations is January 31, 2017.

Nomination Forms

National Awards Nomination Form

To be used for the following awards:
Frank Schnabel, Honourary Life Membership, John Plater Advocacy, Chapter Leadership, Exceptional Service, International Contribution, Dr. Cecil Harris, Award of Appreciation, David Pouliot Achievement and Pierre Latreille


Chapter Recognition Award Nomination Form

Frank Schnabel Award

This award was initiated to honour the outstanding service of Frank Schnabel, the founder of the Canadian Hemophilia Society, for his valued  role in the growth and development of the CHS, the education and care of people with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders, and the education of the public regarding the needs of the bleeding disorders community. The award is presented in his name to honour a volunteer at the national level of the CHS, who, over a number of years, has rendered distinguished services and noteworthy contributions to the mission and objective of the CHS at the national level.


Dan Doran has been an active volunteer at the national level of the CHS and with his chapter for two decades. At the national level, Dan has served on the Board of Directors for many of the past 20 years. He has served on the Executive Committee and is currently the treasurer of the organization. Dan has been active on several important committees, including the Blood Safety and Supply Committee and the HIV/Hepatitis Committee, which he currently chairs. Dan has been very active in advocating for hepatitis C compensation and has spent countless hours advising and supporting individuals, both from the bleeding disorder community and the transfused community, with regard to compensation claims.

Dan has been a pillar of the Prince Edward Island Chapter for as long as anyone can remember, holding the position of president for many years. He received the Chapter Leadership Award in 2007. Dan did not limit his local activities to his own chapter but has been invaluable as a mentor to volunteers from nearby New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Dan served as a representative of patients on the Canadian Blood Services Board of Directors in 2009-2010 and continues to represent patient interests in a safe and secure supply of blood, blood products and their alternatives as a member of the CBS Atlantic Regional Liaison Committee. Dan Doran is highly respected by colleagues at the CHS for his quiet, calm and friendly manner, and for his common sense and sound judgment.

Previous recipients:
2011- François Laroche
2006 - Eric Stolte
2004 - Pam Wilton
2003 - Tom Alloway, Ph.D.
2002 - Bill Mindell
2001 - Michael McCarthy
1999 - Barry Isaac, Ph.D.
1998 - Erma Chapman
1997 - John Plater
1997 - Ken Little
1996 - Durhane Wong-Rieger, Ph.D.
1994 - Frank Bott
1992 - David Page
1991 - Peter Wachter

John Plater Advocacy Award

This award was initiated to honour the outstanding work of John Plater to advocate for the rights of people with bleeding disorders, HIV and hepatitis C, to improve care and treatment, to advocate for a safer blood system and to obtain financial compensation for people with bleeding disorders infected with HIV and HCV through the blood system. This award will be presented to honour a volunteer at the national or chapter level of the CHS, who, over a number of years, has rendered distinguished advocacy services to meet the mission and goals of the CHS.

Honorary Life Membership Award

This award is the highest category of National Awards and is based on exceptional leadership and devotion to the CHS over many years.  This award is given to an individual who has merited special recognition for outstanding efforts, at the national level, to further the mission and objectives of the CHS and the development of public recognition of the CHS and its goals.
Previous recipients:
2013 - Pamela Wilton
2011 -  Bruce Ritchie, MD
2008 - Tom Alloway, Ph.D.
2004 - John Plater
2002 - Frank Bott
1997 - James Kreppner
1997 - Durhane Wong-Rieger, Ph.D.
1996 - Pierre Fournier
1995 - David Page
1994 - John (Jack) McDonald, Ph.D.
1991 - Elaine Woloschuk

Award of Appreciation

This award honours an individual who has demonstrated outstanding service to the care of people with inherited bleeding disorders over and above their responsibilities as a member of the hemophilia health care team. This person must have worked with patients with hemophilia and their families for a minimum of 5 years. Preference will be given to an individual whose work has contributed to improving care and treatment on a national level through the CHS. It is preferable that there be only one recipient from a category. This award will be limited to a maximum of 2 individuals in a given year, unless exceptional circumstances require special consideration.  


Michelle Sims
has been a leader with great integrity, compassion, resourcefulness and creativity. As a social worker in the Saskatchewan Bleeding Disorder Program, she has been a valued and productive multidisciplinary team member with a strong consumer focus.

In addition to her regular duties as a social worker, Michelle was the national co-chair for the Canadian Social Workers in Hemophilia Care (CSWHC) from 2011 to 2013; first Canadian trained as trainer for the Parents Empowering Parents program (PEP); member and curriculum contributor for International Parents Empowering Parents; current and founding co-chair of the PEP Canada Committee; member of the quality improvement initiative related to Improving Needle Pokes, and currently one of the researchers in the CSWHC Vocations Multisite study.

Michelle is a highly valued leader with a sharp intelligence. She is generous, efficient and has an ability to maintain a finger on the pulse of all activities of this group, always offering helpful references in a timely way, conceptual guidance and active support for any of our group or individual projects. Undoubtedly she has played a role in the creation of every social work presentation in bleeding disorders for several years as she is so frequently consulted and always responds. She is always open to her colleagues even when her own workload and personal life was very demanding. Michelle has demonstrated in every forum open to us that she is a forward thinker, a woman of action and a gentle but very effective advocate for people of all ages living with a bleeding disorder. She is deeply respectful and upholds a high ethical standard in all she does.


When the Saskatchewan Bleeding Disorders Program was established in 2001, JoAnn Nilson was chosen as the Program’s physiotherapist. She quickly got to work to learn all she could about bleeding disorders and the role of physiotherapy in their management. She worked with the team to develop assessment and treatment protocols, did road trips and outreach visits, and participated in camps and retreats, as was expected in her position.

However, she has willingly and enthusiastically taken on a number of additional projects which are not part of her 'day job' such as, the Resource Binder for the Canadian Physiotherapists in Hemophilia Care (CPHC); physiotherapy workshops in Mongolia - and language classes; participation on the CHS Twinning Committee; the Mild Hemophilia Project and the Hemophilia Injury Recognition Tool (HIRT?). When CPHC identified a need to address the educational needs of people with mild hemophilia, JoAnn again stepped up to the plate. CPHC knew that this required more than simply putting together another educational booklet: we wanted to find out from the consumers themselves what they required and how we could deliver it more effectively.

In March 2015 HIRT? was recognized by the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA). In celebration of 30 years of cell phone service in Canada, CWTA presented five “Connected to the Community Awards” in each province. HIRT? received this award in both Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

In addition, JoAnn is very supportive of the chapter’s needs. From the chapter’s perspective, JoAnn has been Involved in many of their activities as a presenter and also just to show support. In the fall of 2012 she orchestrated a very involved physical activity stations at the family weekend which made the weekend so memorable. This is just one example of the kind of service that Jo Ann provides for bleeding disorder clients. She brings that enthusiasm to every group, and to every person.
Previous recipients:
2013 - Morna Brown, RN
2011 - Lucie Lacasse, RN
          & Suzanne Douesnard, Psychologist
2008 - Anne Marie Stain, RN
2008 - Linda Waterhouse, RSW
2007 - Claudine Amesse, RN
2007 - Greig Blamey, PT
2006 - Dorine Belliveau, RN
2006 - Ruanna Jones, RSW
2005 - Sylvie Lacroix, RN
2005 - Nichan Zourikian, PT
2004 - Jenny Aikenhead, PT
2004 - Rose Jacobson, RN
2004 - Jennifer Crump, RN
2004 - Michelle Hendry, Lab Tech
2003 - Sherry Purcell, RN
2003 - Pam Hilliard, PT
2002 - Maureen Brownlow, RSW
2002 - Julia Sek, RN
2001 - Kathy Mulder, PT
2001 - Wilma McClure, RN
2000 - Betty Ann Paradis, RN
1999 - Nora Schwetz, RN
1998 - Ann Harrington, RN
1998 - Jane Neil, PT
1997 - Lois Lindner, RN
1997 - Muriel Girard, RN
1996 - John (Jack) McDonald, Ph.D., RSW
1996 - Brenda Blair, RN
1995 - Lorraine Bernier, RN

International Contribution Award

This award is presented in recognition of a volunteer who, through continuing efforts over a number of years, has made a significant international contribution to the development of care and services for people with bleeding disorders.   


Dr. Garvey is a professor emeritus in the Departments of Medicine and Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology at the University of Toronto. Dr. Garvey’s involvement in hemophilia care goes back to 1983, when she was the principal author of a successful proposal in response to an RFP from the local chapter of the CHS. This led to the establishment of the comprehensive hemophilia treatment centre (HTC) at St. Michael's Hospital, the first and only formally designated adult HTC in Toronto, and now the largest in Canada. In 2003 the St. Michael's Hospital HTC was invited to establish a World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) medical twinning relationship with Amman, Jordan, as part of the relationship established with that region by the local CHS chapter. Dr. Garvey led this medical initiative.

Since 2003 she has visited Amman yearly. She arranges and speaks at full-day seminars which are attended by many Jordanian hematologists. She visits each of the hospitals in Amman and interacts with the hemophilia care providers, patients and laboratory personnel. She has also spent time at some of the smaller areas in Jordan, giving talks and interacting with the hemophilia care providers and patients. She has contributed to day-long clinics where patients discuss issues with her, and she has attended the camps for children with hemophilia which have been established in the area. She has pursued interactions with the government, and her annual meetings with the Jordanian Ministry of Health have raised the visibility of hemophilia and led to significantly increased availability of factor concentrate
in Jordan. Her efforts were acknowledged personally by King Abdullah II.

When Dr. Garvey first visited Jordan, there were significant gaps in the investigation, provision of services, and care of patients with hemophilia. It was a fragmented system in which hospitals worked independently and few diagnostic services were available outside the Royal Military Services. Almost all patients in the country were receiving plasma-derived
products, either plasma or cryoprecipitate. Her advocacy work with the lay organizations, the physicians, patients, and particularly the Jordanian Ministry of Health was of significant success. Jordan now has a well-established system of hemophilia care, including surgical joint replacement. Dr. Garvey continues to voluntarily assist physicians and Ministry of Health officials in developing a national policy for hemophilia care in Jordan. All three hospitals in Amman are now working cooperatively with each other and with the government, and have been able to obtain factor VIII concentrate for most patients. Through Dr Garvey’s interactions with the Jordanian Ministry of Health, patients registered in the hemophilia clinics are now being tested for hepatitis C, and factor VIII inhibitors.


Hemophilia care and treatment worldwide has always been near and dear to the heart of Eric Stolte. From 2000 to 2004, Eric was chair of the CHS International Projects Committee. During that time, he led the second Canadian Hemophilia Organizational Twinning between Hemophilia Saskatchewan and the Mongolian Association of Hemophilia. Eric and his committee were able to increase the interest in Canada for organizational and treatment centres' twinnings. While he was chair of the committee, the CHS had 12 active organizational and treatment centre twins. Eric was personally involved in four Canadian Organizational Twins (Mongolia, South Africa, Egypt and Bangladesh).

Since 2006 Eric has been volunteering in many capacities for the Word Federation of Hemophilia, always with the interest of improving care and treatment worldwide. In addition to his international volunteer work, Eric remains an active member of the CHS International Projects Committee.

Professionally, Eric was president/national director of The Navigators, a non-profit organization which led him to travel all over the world. While travelling in all corners of the world for business, Eric always made specific efforts to visit leaders of hemophilia associations. Recognized as a leader in the international community for close to ten years, we congratulate Eric for this very worthy award.

Previous recipients:
2013 - Patricia Stewart
2011 - Kathy Mulder, PT
2008 - Dr. Brian Luke
2007 - David Page
2006 - Dr. Man-Chiu Poon

Chapter Leadership Award

This award is given to an individual who has merited special national recognition for outstanding efforts to further the growth and development of a particular chapter. Among the criteria to be considered in making this award are the following:

• exceptional leadership and devotion at the chapter level over
  a minimum period of 5 years
• clearly identifiable achievements that have contributed to the
  development and growth of the chapter in an outstanding and   significant way (e.g. fundraising, program and services,
  volunteer recruitment and membership growth)
In making a nomination, consider who has made the greatest contribution to the development of the chapter over its history and who meets the criteria set out above. This does not preclude someone who has also made a contribution at the national level, but the focus of  this award is on achievements on behalf of the chapter. The award can be made posthumously.


Joe has been involved with the Prince Edward Island Chapter since he was a child following in the steps of his mom, who was instrumental in the creation of the chapter. He continues, thirty-plus years later, in his current role as treasurer of the chapter. Joe has worn many hats to promote the CHS vision and mission. As treasurer, Joe has helped in both the financial and administrative management of the chapter, balanced its budget as well as being a huge source of knowledge and support to the president and to the members of the Executive Committee. Over the years, he has also assisted in the planning and coordination of many chapter events.

Joe is a leader the PEI Chapter looks up to. He continues to assist in the structure and coordination of all meetings and sets the goals and priorities of the chapter to ensure its budget is respected. To give the chapter a realistic look at their discretionary and available funds, he identifies all the major expenses and income. Joe is a mentor to many members of the chapter and he constantly guides and supports them. Joe is always referred to as the
backbone of the PEI Chapter.

Previous recipients:
2013 - Bill Featherstone
2011 - Helen Gibson
2008 - Jeff Beck
2007 - Dan Doran
2006 - Norman Locke
2005 - Christine Keilback
2004 - François Laroche
2003 - James (Jimmy) Love (in memoriam)
2001 - Eric Stolte and Craig Wright (in memoriam)
1999 - Lois Bedard, Joyce Rosenthal
1998 - Normand Landry

Pierre Latreille Award

This award was initiated in memory of Pierre Latreille who was the CHS Finance Manager for many years.  This award for excellence is given to an employee of the CHS who has worked at the national, provincial or regional level for a minimum of 5 years. The recipient is expected to have demonstrated skills, dedication and accomplishments beyond the normal duties of an employee. The recipient should meet the following criteria which are based on qualities demonstrated by Pierre:
• Personal character and values: a person with a positive caring and supportive attitude towards volunteers and other staff 
• A sense of teamwork: a person who is a reliable team player, dependable and co-operative – one who contributes to team success.
• A focus on the needs of people with bleeding disorders: a staff member committed to serving the organization with excellence, creativity and efficiency.

Previous recipients:
2013 - Christine Keilback
2011 - Geneviève Beauregard
2006 - Aline Ostrowski
2005 - Joyce Argall
2004 - Karen Olson
2003 - Jane Bishop
2002 - Robert St-Pierre
2001 - Clare Cecchini
2000 - Hélène Bourgaize

Chapter Recognition Award

This award is designed to recognize chapters and regions who have demonstrated a significant achievement over the preceding year (or  years) in one or more specific areas such as fundraising, communications, peer support/education, advocacy or chapter development.

2015 RECIPIENTS  |  ALBERTA CHAPTER - Chapter Development
AND QUEBEC CHAPTER - Increase in Membership

After many years of hard work, the amalgamation of the Southern and Northern Alberta Regions finally became a reality. The two regional chairs worked assiduously to create a new governance model composed of one board of directors for the entire province. This model includes one set of books and one set of financial statements. The province now operates under a new set of by-laws which were adopted by the provincial membership in July 2013. These efforts have fostered trust, open communication and strengthened the working relationship between the two regions.

The Alberta Chapter should not only be commended for the work done in the area of governance but also for their fundraising efforts. Raising money for research has always been a high priority for the Alberta Chapter. Since 1989 the chapter has provided the highest level of giving among all chapters and has raised close to
$500,000 for the Hemophilia Research Million Dollar Club through the purchase of Voting Class Certificates, Non-Voting Class Certificates, Honourary Certificates and special donations. And this is in large part due to the commitment of its members to organize events and fundraising activities. In more recent years, this dedicated group once again met the challenge of raising funds for the Club. Plot to Clot, in honour of Jack Spady, raised $58,000; Manny’s Mission, in honour of Manny Briar, raised $12,500 and Carter’s Quest for a Cure, in honour of Carter Ruklic, raised $4,200 and this in addition to raising funds for programs and activities in their chapter. This is truly a testament that this caring and committed community understands that fundraising is the one of most effective ways to support the bleeding disorder community.

The Quebec Chapter (CHSQ) should be congratulated for the work initiated to increase their membership base. Over the past two years, the CHSQ did massive mailings, in collaboration with the Quebec treatment centres and, last year with the CHS, to all patients with bleeding disorders. Individuals received a letter through the mail from their hematologist describing the work of the CHSQ. To become members, all individuals had to do was return their completed membership form to the chapter. In return, the CHSQ sent each individual a welcome package which included a welcoming letter, information on bleeding disorders as well as on the CHS.

As a result of these efforts, there was a considerable increase in the number of members. The goal for 2013 was to increase the number of members by 5% (550 members) but the increase was more like 30% (690 members). In 2014, following a second mailing, the CHSQ finished the year with 887 members, an increase of 22% over the previous year. We are looking at a remarkable increase of 52% over a two-year period.

Previous recipients:
2013 - Hemophilia Ontario - Chapter Development
2011 - Manitoba Chapter - Volunteer Development
2008 - New Brunswick Chapter - Chapter Development
2007 - Prince Edward Island Chapter - Public Awareness
2006 - Nova Scotia Chapter - Communications and Chapter Development
2006 - Newfoundland & Labrador Chapter - Public Awareness
2005 - Quebec Chapter - Patient Services and Advocacy
2005 - Newfoundland and Labrador Chapter - Public
Awareness and Communications
2004 - Alberta Chapter - Chapter Development
2004 - Manitoba Chapter - Advocacy and Diversification of Funding
2003 - British Columbia Chapter - Fundraising
2002 - Hemophilia Ontario - Ottawa and Eastern Ontario Region – Fundraising
2001 - Newfoundland and Labrador Chapter – Advocacy
2001 - Alberta Chapter – Education
2000 - Hemophilia Saskatchewan – Advocacy
1999 - Quebec Chapter – Fundraising
1998 - Quebec Chapter – Advocacy
1998 - Toronto and Central Ontario Region - Outreach to people with VWD
1997 - Manitoba Chapter – Education (Rural Outreach)
1997 - Hemophilia Ontario – Communications
1997 - Newfoundland and Labrador Chapter – Fundraising
1996 - Nova Scotia Chapter – Advocacy
1996 - Quebec Chapter – Advocacy
1996 - Newfoundland and Labrador Chapter - Chapter Development
1996 - Hemophilia Ontario, Central West Ontario Region Education & Outreach
1995 - Prince Edward Island Chapter – Advocacy
1995 - Hemophilia Ontario -Youth Activities

David Pouliot Achievement Award

This award is presented in honour of David Pouliot to recognize a volunteer between the ages of 18 and 30 who has been instrumental in nurturing young members of the community to become future leaders of the organization and/or who has made a significant contribution to achieving the mission and goals of the CHS.


Justin attended his first National Youth Workshop in September 2009 and became involved on the CHS National Youth Committee shortly after. Since 2009 he has been elected as co-chair of the committee and as the youth representative on both the British Columbia and National Board of Directors. Under his leadership the National Youth Committee has organized three sucessful National Youth Workshops. A great deal of credit goes to Justin for the organization of these workshops. Through these experiences, Justin has gained a lot of maturity and leadership which have been instrumental on the CHS Board of Directors.

Last year, Justin was the recipient of the 2014 Karttik Shah Fellowship which allowed him to attend the WFH World Congress in Melbourne, Australia. Justin took advantage of this opportunity to network with youth from all over the world. He continues to stay in touch with them by e-mail and acts as the liaison person between the Canadian and international youth bleeding disorder community.

In addition to his contribution at the national and provincial levels, Justin is also involved as a camp counsellor in many camps, both in Canada and in the U.S.

By working with Justin we have been given the chance to discover a sensitive, mature and thoughtful young man. We have been impressed by his qualities of intelligence, strength and leadership. Just as David, Justin has become a mentor for several young Canadians with a bleeding disorder and is a wonderful example of a fellowship recipient who has given back to the organization.

Justin has demonstrated commitment, confidence, and maturity despite his young age. Volunteering and helping others are an important part of his life. He is currently developing into a great leader and a potential future president for the organization.

Previous Recipients:
2011 - Maxime Lacasse Germain (previously the National Outstanding Achievement Award)

Exceptional Service Award

This award is presented in recognition of an individual or organization who, through exceptional service over a number of years, has contributed to the growth and development of the mission of the CHS at the national level.  

Previous Recipients:
2007 - Patricia Stewart
2006 - Ian DeAbreu
2005 - Sheila Comerford
2005 - Lorie Reznik, Canadian Blood Agency

Dr. Cecil Harris Award

This award was initiated to honour the outstanding contribution of Dr.Cecil Harris, the first medical advisor of the CHS. This award is presented to a physician in recognition of distinguished contributions in the areas of research or the advancement of the care of patients with hemophilia or other inherited bleeding disorders. It is preferable that only one physician be recognized in a given year, unless exceptional circumstances require special consideration.

Previous recipients:
2007 - Dr. Mary Frances Scully
2006 - Dr. Bruce Ritchie
2005 - Dr. Victor Blanchette
2004 - Dr. Sara Israels
2003 - Dr. Hanna Strawczynski
2002 - Dr. Robert Card
2002 - Dr. Mohan Pai
2001 - Dr. John Akabutu
2000 - Dr. Gerry Growe
1999 - Dr. David Lillicrap
1998 - Dr. Irwin Walker
1997 - Dr. Georges-Étienne Rivard
1996 - Dr. Martin Inwood
1995 - Dr. Ken Shumack
1992 - Dr. Man-Chiu Poon
1991 - Dr. Kaiser Ali