Our Partners

Our Committees

Many of our volunteers are involved in our national committees and task forces, assisting in the development of policies and programs to meet the needs of people with bleeding disorders in Canada. 

Those committees include the: 

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is responsible for the planning and delivery of a national awards program designed to honour and recognize volunteers, staff and organizations who have contributed towards improving the quality of life of persons with hemophilia or other inherited bleeding disorders.

Blood Safety & Supply Committee

Responsible for staying abreast of the latest research and scientific developments in blood, blood products and their alternatives, emerging pathogens and transfusion safety measures.

Governance Committee

Responsible for insuring that the overall administrative, financial, and personnel functions of the organization are operating effectively.

HIV & Hepatitis National Committee

The purpose of this committee it to ensure that the needs of those infected / affected by HCV and / or HIV are well-represented in the planning and delivery of CHS programs and services. It makes recommendations to the CHS Board of Directors on policy issues; provides support and advice to the CHS, its chapters and its members on the functioning of the various HCV/HIV compensation programs; promotes knowledge and awareness among HCH/HIV infected community of important medical and psycho-social information; and, plays a leadership role in HCV/HIV on the national stage liaising with relevant stakeholder organizations.

International Projects Committee

The purpose of this committee is to provide support and guidance to CHS chapters/ regions / Canadian Hemophilia Clinics engaged or wishing to become involved in twinning projects aimed at enhancing organizational capacity and supporting hemophilia care in developing countries. The committee is also responsible for identifying and funding projects submitted by the CHS chapters/regions/hemophilia clinics.

Program Committee

Responsible for insuring the effective planning, implementation and evaluation of programs which meet the goals of the organization.

Chapter Relations Committee

The CHS has established a volunteer development program which provides all levels of the organization with the necessary tools to plan, recruit, train, supervise and recognize its volunteers.  


Planning is essential for the success of any volunteer program and involves:

    * designing job descriptions for volunteer positions;
    * developing applicable policies and procedures;
    * educating others in the organization about involving volunteers.


This phase of the program will guide chapters in their recruitment stage by helping them answer the who, why, where, when and how questions. Who would be the ideal volunteer? Why would they be interested in our volunteer opportunity? Where and when can we reach these people? How can you create a recruitment message that encourages potential volunteers to volunteer for our organization?

Orientation and Training

The committee is committed in providing training and skills building opportunities on an annual basis.  A training fund is available to all of its members.  

Supervision and Evaluation

The Supervision and Evaluation stages are for the benefit of the chapter and the volunteers itself. The Chapter needs to know that the volunteer is fulfilling its role effectively and the volunteer also needs this affirmation. Regular evaluation provides the chapter and the volunteer time to assess how the volunteer placement is going and if changes could be made to improve the volunteer’s satisfaction or performance.


Recognition is the most important phase of the cycle. Recognition happens in an informal way every time a “thank you” is said. Formally at the CHS, volunteers are thanked through celebrations and recognition events planned in their honour (please refer to our volunteer award section). It is important that the thank you fits the volunteer; the chapter needs to know its volunteers so that they can be thanked in a way that leaves them feeling truly recognized.  

If you would like to find out more about the work of the committee or to obtain templates of tools developed by the committee please contact us at chs@hemophilia.ca

Youth Committee

The National Youth Committee consists of very excited and energetic individuals who represent almost all regions of Canada who are working together to support, promote and address youth involvement within the organization. The role of the committee is to develop and implement youth programs which will not only respond to the needs of Canadian youth with a bleeding disorder but also will contribute to their involvement within the organization. 

To find out more or to reach a member of the National Youth Committee please visit the national Youth Web section of this Web site!