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Clotting factor concentrates

Nuwiq, another recombinant factor VIII option

With the approval of Nuwiq by Health Canada and its success in obtaining a share of the factor VIII market in provinces served by Canadian Blood Services, Hemophilia Today sat down with Lidia Cosentino, Ph.D., director of medical and scientific affairs at Octapharma Canada, and Dr. Anthony K. C. Chan, pediatrician and co-director of the hemophilia program at Hamilton Health Sciences Centre, to learn more about this coagulation therapy.

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Alprolix, a longer half-life factor IX, approved by Health Canada

Alprolix™, a recombinant factor IX concentrate manufactured by Biogen Idec, was approved by Health Canada March 21, 2014 and by the U.S. FDA a week later. It is indicated in adults and children (≥12 years) with hemophilia B for routine prophylactic treatment to prevent or reduce the frequency of bleeding episodes and for control of bleeding episodes.

Hemophilia Today (HT) interviewed two physicians who were closely involved with the development and clinical trials of Alprolix.

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