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Summary Chart

Factor Ifibrinogen1 in 1,000,000Usually mild, except with complete absence of fibrinogen
Factor IIprothrombin1 in 1,000,000Usually mild
Factor Vparahemophilia1 in 1,000,000Usually mild
Combined F V and F VIII
1 in 1,000,000Usually mild
Factor VIIAlexander's1 in 1,000,000Severe when Factor VII levels are low
Factor VIIIHemophilia1 in 10,000Severe when Factor VIII levels are below 1%
Factor IXHemophilia B1 in 50,000Severe when Factor IX levels are below 1%
Factor XStuart-Prower1 in 500,000Moderate to severe when Factor X levels are below 10%
Factor XIHemophilia C1 in 100,000Mild to moderate when Factor XI levels are below 15%
Factor XIII
1 in 3,000,000Severe