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What precautions should be taken when travelling?

People with VWD can travel wherever they please.

Following a few simple tips can make travelling even more relaxing.

• Find out from the Hemophilia/Bleeding Disorder Treatment Centre the names, addresses and phone numbers of treatment centres along the route.

• Take along up-to-date written medical information, including:

  • the exact VWD diagnosis
  • the exact prescription for desmopressin or factor concentrates, or other medication
  • the name and phone number of the treatment centre where you are known.

These papers could also prove useful at border crossings if customs officials become suspicious of the drugs, needles and syringes you are carrying.

• Make sure your, or your family member’s, MedicAlert bracelet is up to date.

• If you, or your family member, self-infuses desmopressin or factor concentrates, make sure you have more than enough for the whole trip. Check that you have all the supplies (needles, syringes …) you need.

• If you do not self-infuse, talk to the nurse coordinator at your Hemophilia/Bleeding Disorder Treatment Centre about the possibility of carrying along a supply of desmopressin or factor concentrate. These products are not available everywhere.

• If you do not want to carry these products with you, find out before you leave where they are available.

• Make sure you have a cooler to keep the products at the right temperature.

• Find out if your insurance coverage applies in the province or country you are visiting. If not, take out special travel insurance.

• When travelling by air, bus or train, always keep your medication with you. NEVER check it.