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Hemophilia Ontario - Commemoration 2010

South Western Ontario Region (SWOR): August 29, 2010

Commemorative tree planting
On August 29, 2010, the campers, staff, families and community came together at Camp Menesetung in Goderich, Ont., for the planting of our commemorative tree to honour and remember those from SWOR and across Canada affected by the tainted blood tragedy. As part of the closing ceremonies of Pinecrest Adventures Camp, we chose to remember. Eric Stolte addressed those present and reminded us all that it is okay to be sad and angry but that we need to use these emotions to work toward positive change. Here is the beginning and the ending of his speech:

The tree that has just been planted is a special tree. In the program it’s called a Tree of Life. But today, I’d like to call it a Remembering Tree. After today, we can come back here to this spot and remember something special. Some things are easy to remember, other things are hard. Some memories we like to think about. Other memories we like to forget, because they are about something sad. But sometimes, these sad memories can be the most important! (…) So, this Remembering Tree will help us remember two things. It will help us remember a very sad time so that we’ll continue to work hard so no one gets hurts ever again. It will also help us remember that in growing strong, we can use our strength to help others who don’t have what we have. Make sure you come here often enough so that this Remembering Tree can do its job of helping us remember these two very important things.