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To order copies of the CHS videos, please contact the National Office:

Tel.: 514-848-0503  |  Toll-free: 1-800-668-2686
Fax: 514-848-9661
Canadian Hemophilia Society
301-666 Sherbrooke Street West  |  Montreal, Quebec  H3A 1E7


Me and My Genes
An interactive animated video that provides potential pre-teen and teenage carriers with relevant and age appropriate information about what it means to be a carrier of hemophilia A or B. It includes facts about hemophilia, inheritance of the hemophilia gene, carrier testing and the management of bleeding symptoms. The resource also includes interactive buttons for viewers to test their knowledge and access tips, myths and fun facts of interest to young carriers. Produced in 2010.
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30-second and 60-second Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
Powerful 30-second and 60-second videos to raise awareness and funds. Produced in 2008.

CHS public awareness video
A comprehensive look at the Canadian Hemophilia Society, inherited bleeding disorders, safety of the blood supply, complications of hemophilia such as inhibitors and our hope for the future. Produced in 2007.

Self-Infusion: Confidence, Autonomy, Freedom
A video starring young people with bleeding disorders describing their journey to learn to self-infuse clotting factor concentrates and the difference this has made in their lives. Produced in 2006.

Hemophilia: What School Personnel Should Know
This video is designed for teachers and other personnel in a school with a student who has hemophilia. Properly informed, school staff can ensure that a child with hemophilia gets the care he needs, and that he feels accepted in his school environment. The video was produced in 2008 by the CHS, in collaboration with parents and hemophilia treatment centre healthcare professionals.

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