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For more information about HCV or to order HCV and HIV-related educational material, including publications produced by the CHS, please go to CATIE's Web site.

CATIE's up-to-date, comprehensive and bilingual Web site includes more than 100 print materials for download and over 200 pages of information presented both as plain-and-simple language for everyone and as in-depth information for service providers and healthcare professionals in Canada.


HIV411.ca-HCV411.ca is a web portal listing service providers for people living with and at risk of HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C (HCV) in Canada. HIV411.ca and HCV411.ca provide people living with and at risk for HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C with information about services that offer real help in Canada. You can search for services by location, type of service or specific need.

To learn more about how to use HIV411.ca-HCV411.ca, consult the Q&A

CTAC: Tx Map

CTAC has launched a new online interactive tool called the Tx Map, the Treatment Map. It allows community members, service providers and policy researchers to access information on HIV and Hep C treatment options currently available through provincial, territorial and federal public drug plans in Canada. Learn more