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Hepatitis C Information

CATIE’s newly updated online resource Hepatitis C: An In-Depth Guide provides comprehensive information on all aspects of hepatitis C, including: new and revised information to reflect new treatment options; new fact sheets about each Hep C drug; and information on Hep C prevention, transmission, and healthy living. (July 2015)

CATIE’s hepCinfo newspaper provides the up-to-date and accurate information on hepatitis C that you’ve come to expect from CATIE, using an accessible format and language that is easy to understand.

In this issue number 4:
•    deciding whether to take treatment for hepatitis C
•    treatment combinations that are available in Canada
•    choosing a treatment
•    getting ready for treatment
•    tips for staying on track with treatment

You can also browse past issues of hepCinfo on the CATIE website

        Hep C Passport

This pocket-sized booklet allows a person living with Hep C or their service provider to enter results of key tests, from genotype to fibrosis score to viral load. Each page explains what each test means, and allows people to monitor their results over time. (Published by CATIE)