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The Nova Scotia Chapter is commencing the redefinition of traditional services and products made available to the bleeding disorder community including the Family Weekend, Summer Camp, Education, Fundraising, Awareness and the Chapter Newsletter. Our members are looking into new programs and activities for all.

Annual Family Weekend 

The Annual Family Weekend is intended for families across the province within the bleeding disorder community to gather once a year to partake in educational and recreational sessions. A variety of educational sessions are offered each year at a low cost to families. The Annual Family Weekend is also a key setting for information sharing and a great opportunity for families to connect in a caring and supportive environment. 

Maritime Adventures Camp

The camp is organized and directed by the Nova Scotia Chapter for children with bleeding disorders within the Maritimes and open to accepting children from outside of the region with the necessary arrangements being made through the Nova Scotia Chapter Camp Director and Treasurer. This is a fun and education filled week that bonds our bleeding disorder community at a young age and helps them learn more about living with and managing a bleeding disorder.

For more details www.maritimeadventurescamp.ca

CHS Nova Scotia Youth Group

The CHS Nova Scotia Youth Group comprises of youth within the province whom are interested in maintaining a sense of belonging with others in the bleeding disorder community and participating in fundraising or awareness events to help support our chapter. Several recreational events are organizes throughout the year. A schedule will be posted as soon as dates for upcoming events are finalized. 

 Click here to follow the NS Youth Group on Facebook and request an invite.

Please contact NSyouth@hemophilia.ca for more information.