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The Casey Awards 2013 - John Plater

After being infected with HIV and Hepatitis C through Canada's blood system in the 1980s, John Plater used his tremendous skills to protect thousands of lives by changing the very system that had hurt him, and advocating against stigma and discrimination.

ABOUT THE AWARDS - Created in memory of journalist and renowned social justice activist June Callwood, a founder of Casey House, The Casey Awards annually recognize Canadian individuals or organizations whose pioneering leadership and activism in the fields of HIV/AIDS and social justice carry on Callwood's passionate life's work.

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The Summer Edition of Blood Matters is Here!
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NEW - Now Experience Wellness

A program commencing on Monday July 28th, the NEW program provides funding for youth living with an inherited bleeding disorder to participate in first time physical activities, or quieter activities toward promoting healthy lifestyles.  The clinic physiotherapist's signature is required for families to receive reimbursement.  Please click on the image below to find our brochure and application form.

The 2013 Hemophilia Ontario Annual Report

2013 Signed & Audited Financial Statements

Hemophilia Ontario & the CODErouge Program

Hemophilia Ontario would like to highlight the CHS CODErouge program which aims to increase diagnosis and access to care for women and girls with inherited bleeding disorders.  Hemophilia Ontario & the CHS had the opportunity to air a short video during Toronto Fashion week which showcased the CODErouge program.  You can view the video by clicking the image below:



A world free from the pain and suffering of inherited bleeding disorders.


Our mission is to strive to improve the health and quality of life for all people with inherited bleeding disorders, and to find a cure.


At Hemophilia Ontario, an integral part of our current organizational identity and experience is based in the loss suffered by the hemophilia community, those with inherited bleeding disorders and other who were infected with HIV and/or Hepatitis C and their families, friends and communities; through blood or blood products they depended on for lifesaving treatment and therapy over the past two decades.  With this principle at our core, Hemophilia Ontario is guided by the following values in the work we undertake:


By providing information, programs and services to all people with inherited bleeding disorders of all ages and their families.


By being well connected to our grassroots community.


By actively representing people with inherited bleeding disorders to improve their quality of life while working towards a cure.


By achieving quality, efficiency and innovation while remaining open to change.


By acting honestly, responsibly, openly and accountably.


By treating the people with whom we interact with dignity, fairness and compassion.


By fostering meaningful and collegial relations, and strong partnerships among our diverse stakeholders.