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Hemophilia Ontario Board of Directors

Amy Griffith

Amy Griffith is entering her second year as a Hemophilia Ontario Board of Directors member, and has been involved in the organization since 2007.  In 2009 she received the James Kreppner Memorial Scholarship, and the Leaders of Tomorrow Award in 2013.  She is also a CODErouge Ambassador, and is dedicated to raising awareness for women with bleeding disorders.

'I don't remember much from when I found out I was diagnosed with von Willebrand Disease.  As a five year old, to me this was an overwhelming amount of medical terms, lots of needle pokes and long hours at the hospital with my parents.  What I do remember is what it felt like to be told I was 'different' or as the doctor's put it, 'special'.  Working simultaneously toward a better tomorrow for those with inherited bleeding disorders, the Hemophilia Ontario Board of Directors and provincial staff have the resources, experiences and access to services that members need to thrive within this community.  This is the best resource that anyone who is affected and their loved ones can have.'

Ashwani Kurichh

Ashwani Kurichh, a Procurement and Logistics Specialist, is an active member of various fundraising committees within Ottawa, and has spearheaded several projects on behalf of Hemophilia Ontario.  He has held numerous positions within Hemophilia Ontario, and was the recipient of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Award.

'Volunteering is what makes a community because it bring people together to work on a goal.  Whether it is a fundraiser for the research to cure a disease that affects the whole world, or to help a local family who has fallen in a time of calamity, volunteers make a difference and make it happen.'

Julia Sek

Julia Sek is a Nurse Manager who has worked with Hemophilia Ontario for many years, serving as the Hemophilia Provincial Coordinator from 2003-2007.  She has created and worked on many initiatives, and continues to advocate for the Health Care and Blood System.

'I want to continue to contribute to a community that has strong advocacy skills and to continue to mentor the youth in the community for Board roles.'

Kwadwo (Michael) Bosompra

Michael, an Account Executive by day, is in his first term as a member of the Hemophilia Ontario Board Of Directors. Prior to that he was a TCOR Council member, a Karttik Shah Fellowship recipient, and a John Plater Fellowship Recipient.

'I personally have benefitted from Hemophilia Ontario in more ways than I can recount here; whether it was teaching how to manage my treatment, advocating for better care, or providing spaces for mentorship Hemophilia Ontario has played a pivotal role in my life. With that said, I consider it a great honour to be able to give back to the organization that gave so much to me. My hope is that I can in some way contribute to making the organization better for future generations!

Maia Meier

Maia Meier has been involved with the Canadian Hemophilia Society for many years as the President for Hemophilia Saskatchewan, and then Secretary on the Canadian Hemophilia Society's National Board.  Affected by von Willebrand Type 2, Maia is passionate about raising awareness about women and bleeding disorders.

'As a woman growing up with a bleeding disorder, I've learned about the many challenges and issues that often need to be worked through and overcome.  Through implementing of our programs and services I want to help, support and inspire other women who are living with inherited bleeding disorders so that they can reach their full potential and lead their life to the fullest.'

Paul Wilton

Paul Wilton is a Past-President of Hemophilia Ontario.  He currently serves as Vice-President of the Canadian Hemophilia Society and Chair of its Governance Committee.  His advocacy in the area of Blood Safety has led to appointment on the World Federation of Hemophilia's Treatment Product Safety, Supply and Access Committee.  In 2009 he was awarded Canadian Blood Services' Honouring our Lifeblood Award and previously served on their Southern Ontario Regional Liaison Committee.  He previously served as Director of Hemophilia Ontario's Pinecrest Adventures Camp.

'As a person affected by severe Hemophilia and von Willebrand Disease my quality of life has been greatly enhanced by the efforts of Hemophilia Ontario.  The older affected members I met growing up became role models, and I made friendships with affected peers that supported me as I learned self-infusion and how to advocate for my own care.  I'm happy to give back by helping ensure the organization focuses on meeting its envisioned outcomes, and engaging affected members and their families in new ways.'

Phyllis Gray

Phyllis Gray is a professional accountant, and has previously worked as a partner in a boutique consulting services firm that specialized in bankruptcy and insolvency matters.  A grandmother to two grandchildren with hemophilia, she has volunteered her time at many community events for Hemophilia Ontario, and with many other organizations as well.

'My life has been very rich in experiences.  Now being semi-retired, I wanted to give back in some way for the privilege of those experiences...Hemophilia Ontario presented itself as the perfect charitable organization with which to volunteer.  I like the grass-roots education and assistance Hemophilia Ontario provides to my grandsons, my family, and all others in the bleeding disorders community.'

Rob Dinsdale

Rob Dinsdale, a volunteer at CWOR for 6 years, had held various leadership positions in both Canada and the U.S., including being a General Manager and then Vice-President.  With a formal education in Business Administration, he will be an invaluable asset to the Board of Directors.

'As a person with a bleeding disorder, I greatly appreciate and respect the work that has been done by the volunteers and staff of Hemophilia Ontario over the past 60 years.  It is vitally important that we continue this work, and I will do my best to help.'

Shelley Hewett

A mother to a son with hemophilia, Shelley Hewett is keenly aware of the challenges facing youth with hemophilia today, and knows first-hand the struggles that parents face raising and assisting a young person with hemophilia.  Having worked as a caterer, decorator, and event planner over the last ten years, the Hemophilia Ontario Board of Directors is in good hands in regards to fundraising with Shelley on board.

'I am eternally grateful for the hard work that has been done by the Hemophilia Society over the past fifty plus years.  Had this work not been done, my son would not have the treatment options that are available to him today.  That being said I know that moving forward will bring about its own challenges as well.  Helping in any way I can to make the future a better place for those affected by bleeding disorders by working through these challenges is an honour and a pleasure.'