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Financial Assistance

Hemophilia Ontario Financial Assistance Program

Hemophilia Ontario currently has a provincial Financial Assistance Program that is available.  The program covers a variety of requests that relate directly to an individual's inherited bleeding disorder.

Hemophilia Ontario is the payer of last resort.  Members are required to attempt to have these costs covered by other social agencies including medical plans and the government.  Hemophilia Ontario reserves the right to request copies of such documentation in support of the submitted request.

When an individual's costs are to be reimbursed by a social agency at a later date, Hemophilia Ontario can enter into an agreement whereby the funds are advanced and then later recovered.

Each year, Hemophilia Ontario allocates a set amount of money for this fund and once these funds are exhausted, no further claims will be processed that year.  Requests submitted by December 31st will be considered pending availability of funds.  We are unable to carry claims over into the following year.

Some of the items covered can include, but are not limited to:

  • Tutoring
  • Hospital Parking (for bleeding disorder clinic appointments, and/or specialty appointments as a result of your inherited bleeding disorder)
  • Scholarships
  • Dental
  • Taxi (for medical appointments relating to your inherited bleeding disorder)
  • Emergency Funding
  • Medication
  • Assistive Devices
  • Other

For more information about the guidelines, please contact a Hemophilia Ontario staff.  If you would like a copy of our application form, please click here.

NEW - Now Experience Wellness

The NEW program provides funding for youth living with an inherited bleeding disorder to participate in first time physical activities, or quieter activities toward promoting healthy lifestyles.  The clinic physiotherapist's signature is required for families to receive reimbursement.

Please find a copy of our brochure and application form here.

The Hunter Bishop Comfort Fund (HBCF)

*Available for TCOR members ONLY*

The Hunter Bishop Comfort Fund was established in 1994 through the generosity of Helen Bishop.  TCOR has maintained and sustained this fund with help from our generous and dedicated donors and volunteers.  The guidelines below have been created to ensure that the HBCF remains available to provide assistance into the future.

Purpose of the Fund:  The HBCF is designed to meet the unique needs of people affected by inherited bleeding disorders who are in financial need.  It is to be used on an as needed basis after all other alternatives have been exhausted first.

Requests for Assistance:  All requests must be made through (a) a Hemophilia Ontario staff; (b) a Comprehensive Clinic Staff member to then be forwarded to a Hemophilia Ontario staff; or (c) to the Hemophilia Ontario Executive Director.  Requests must be made in writing and receipts provided.

Please find a copy of the HBCF application form here.