Our Partners

Ottawa and Eastern Ontario Region

The Ottawa and Eastern Ontario Region has an office in Ottawa and serves the area from Pembroke to Cornwall to Kingston.

Services and Programs
Client resources, support and referral
Services include referrals to different health and social service agencies, distribution of educational material, support groups, drop-in centre

Liaison with Hemophilia Comprehensive Care Centres
The Regional Service Coordinator works closely with the Comprehensive Care Centre staff to advocate for optimal care for the members of Hemophilia Ontario.

Educational workshops and retreats
Hemophilia Ontario provides educational opportunities for its members through various retreat weekends designed to improve the knowledge base of its clients and to allow them to come together in a supportive manner.

Hemophilia Ontario advocates on health and social issues affecting the quality of life of people with hemophilia and related blood conditions as well as those infected with HIV and/or hepatitis C through the blood system.

Financial Support
With board approval, Hemophilia Ontario provides reimbursement of hospital parking, hospital room upgrades from a ward to semi-private room, financial assistance for certain drugs, overnight accommodation at Rotel for hemophiliacs and immediate family, reimbursement of television fees during hospital stays, purchase of hospital equipment, purchase of protective equipment for hemophiliac children such as knee pads and helmets, distribution of health care equipment such as sectional wheelchair ramps, hospital beds and various other items.