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Research Project Funded in 2015

Virtual Peer-to-Peer Support Mentoring (VP2P) for youth with hemophilia: A needs assessment

Vanessa N. Bouskill, MN, NP
Hospital for Sick Children – Toronto
One year funding

Dr. Vicky R. Breakey, McMaster Children’s Hospital – Hamilton;
Dr. Sara Ahola Kohut, Hospital for Sick Children – Toronto; and
Dr. Jennifer N. Stinson, Hospital for Sick Children – Toronto

Hemophilia is a rare bleeding disorder that can be complicated to manage. While the child and family share management of hemophilia, teens are expected to take on a greater role in managing their hemophilia as they mature. Yet, most teens with hemophilia do not receive comprehensive education on how to self-manage their hemophilia. Peer mentoring is proposed as one solution to address this gap in clinical care. Peer mentoring can provide meaningful social support and has also been associated with improved health outcomes. An online Skype-based peer mentoring program (Virtual Peer-to-Peer Support Mentoring Program; VP2P) exists for teens with arthritis and chronic pain. However these groups are primarily female therefore making changes to this program necessary for the male teens with hemophilia. The goal of this study is to identify the peer mentoring wants and needs of youth with hemophilia in order to determine necessary changes to the VP2P for youth with hemophilia. Thirty youth diagnosed with hemophilia (n = 20 adolescents; n = 10 young adults) will be interviewed. Audiotaped interviews will be transcribed word for word and analyzed qualitatively. The data will then be used to make necessary changes to the VP2P for teens with hemophilia.