Our Partners

Research Project Funded in 2016

Reliability, validity, and clinical utility of the Pain Treatment Planning Questionnaire for bleeding disorders outpatient clinics

Susan Tupper PT, PhD   & Dr. Kelsey Brose
Royal University Hospital, Saskatoon (SK)

One year funding.

Many people with bleeding disorders rely on health care providers at bleeding disorder programs for advice about pain treatment. Getting the right advice improves treatment outcomes and reduces risks from unnecessary treatments. To provide good advice, health care providers need to communicate with clients about different aspects of pain. We developed the Pain Treatment Planning Questionnaire (PTPQ) to improve communication about pain and pain treatment between clients and clinicians. We will do two studies. The first study will involve 214 people with a bleeding disorder from 6 Canadian clinics. These individuals will answer an online survey about pain and pain treatments at one time-point (30 minute time commitment). With this information we will describe the different types of pain people experience and what treatments they choose. We can compare the PTPQ to other questionnaires to determine how well the new questionnaire performs. The second study will involve health care providers at 6 participating clinics. In discussion groups we will ask their opinions about the PTPQ and how they use it to communicate about pain. This information will lead to understanding about successful ways to use the new tool, and more research to improve pain management for people with bleeding disorders.