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Summer Studentships in Inherited Bleeding Disorders Research

Funds Available for Scientific Research in Fields Relevant to Inherited Bleeding Disorders

The Canadian Hemophilia Society will support interested Canadian Medical or Science students to work for up to 4 months during the Summer of 2018 on a research project relevant to inherited bleeding disorders. Stipend: $6,000.00.

Who can apply ?

  • Medical students in any year of training.
  • Science students in any year of an undergraduate program.
  • Applicants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

What do you need ?

  • Excellent academic record.
  • Acceptance by a scientist involved in a current research project related to inherited bleeding disorders supported by CHS or another major granting agency.

Application Form and Where can you apply?

Applications must be completed and submitted electronically to the Canadian Hemophilia Society and one (1) original paper copy, including signatures, a copy of your current official transcript and reference letters must be sent to the National Office of the Canadian Hemophilia Society:

666 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 301
Montreal, QC H3A 1E7

Please click on the following link for the Application Form

Closing date for application

All completed application forms and support documents must arrive at the National Office of the Canadian Hemophilia Society on or before November 15, 2017. If the CHS receives the application after the deadline date but it is postmarked on or before the deadline date, then it is considered to have been submitted on time. The names of the successful applicants will be announced by March, 2018.


Applications will be reviewed by an independent peer review committee composed of Canadian medical and scientific healthcare professionals and a patient representative. This committee will rank the applications and will make recommendations to the CHS Board of Directors on funding of the proposals. The final decisions regarding rewards will be made by the CHS Board of Directors. No appeals will be considered.

General Conditions and Obligations

Grant Payment
Full Payment is normally made to the financial officer of the host institution at the start of the studentship.

For studentships, the host institution is responsible for issuing a T4A. Please consult your tax advisor for the proper treatment of your studentship.

Research Summaries
The Canadian Hemophilia Society (CHS) requires, within the application form, a 200-word typewritten lay description of the research to be undertaken (in non-scientific, Grade 12 readability) for inclusion in the Society's publications should the proposal be accepted. 

Notification of Grants
Following funding decisions, successful applicants will be sent official notification informing them of the type, duration and amount of their grant. A copy of the notification is sent to the accountant at the institution concerned. The award must be acknowledged by returning an acceptance note within 15 days of the CHS notification otherwise the award will be withdrawn. Unsuccessful applicants are also advised at the conclusion of the project application review process.

Final Report Requirements
The supervisor of the student must send a brief final report (in lay terms, Grade 12 readability) at the completion of the studentship describing the accomplishments of the student activities for inclusion in the Society's publications and for presentation at the CHS medical and scientific symposiums.

Failure to fulfill these requirements may lead to exclusion from future research grant competitions. If delay is anticipated, the CHS must be informed. Should the studentship end prematurely, the CHS must be informed immediately by the supervisor and /or the student.