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Research Project Funded in 2016

Physiotherapy and point of care ultrasonography for the assessment and management of acute muscle bleeding in patients with hemophilia A and B

Karen Strike, BKin Hons, MScPT
McMaster Children's Hospital, Hamilton (ON)
Sandra Squire, PT
St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver (BC)

One year funding.

Point of Care Ultrasound (POC-US)is a new technology that is starting to be used within the hemophilia clinic setting. Traditionally, if patients with hemophilia(PWH) had a joint or muscle bleed, if ultrasound imaging was done it would be within a radiology department. With POC-US, the physiotherapist is able to image the PWH within the clinic appointment to provide answers to a clinical question such as 'is there a bleed?' Studies have looked at the use of POC-US to examine joints in the clinic; this research will look at muscles to establish protocols that will specifically understand if there is a muscle bleed. The next step will then be to study if the clinicians are able to consistently describe the ultrasound images and correctly identify if a bleed has occurred.  The aim of the research is to expand the use of POC-US within the clinic setting by providing evidence based protocols to establish if the PWH has a muscle bleed.