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Passport to well-being

In 2004, the Canadian Hemophilia Society, with the support of Baxter BioScience initiated a new program aimed at empowering people with bleeding disorders, at all stages of their lives, to maximize their quality of life.

Now, in 2013, with the participation of a new sponsor for the program, Bayer HealthCare, the CHS is proud to present a revised version of the components of the program.

The Passport to well-being program provides people with bleeding disorders, at all stages of their lives, with information, skills and strategies to enable them to maximize their quality of life.
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Passport to well-being is designed around six modules which focus on:

Destination fitness
Helping patients to develop personalized fitness plans to improve overall health.

Home care - The road to independence
Helping patients take greater control of their disease through home treatment.

Roadmap for managing pain
Raising awareness of ways to manage the pain that is so common to people with bleeding disorders.

Navigating the emergency department
Helping people with bleeding disorders prepare for visits to the emergency department.

Bon Voyage! Travelling with a bleeding disorder
Helping people with bleeding disorders reduce the risks of travel so they can enjoy their adventure to its fullest.

Charting Your Course
(revised version to come)
Improving the treatment of bleeding disorders through innovative monitoring of product usage

Key messages relating to these themes are communicated through educational booklets, and workshops targeted at children, adults and caregivers of people with bleeding disorders. Participants in the program will each receive a personal passport which they will have stamped with a visa when they take part in a workshop or related activity.