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Home care - The road to independence

Home treatment allows affected individuals and families to rely less on hospital care by
increasing independence and promoting early treatment of bleeds. Home treatment can decrease costly and time consuming emergency room visits, and allow for a more normal home life with preventative (prophylactic) treatment.

This booklet, Home care - The road to independence, describes how home care can empower you to have control over a bleeding disorder. Taking such a road requires clear directions and signposts along the way. It is a road that can be safely navigated… with the help of guides on your journey—the members of the comprehensive care team at the hemophilia treatment centre (HTC). They are experienced in caring for people with bleeding disorders. A close partnership between the patient and the team at the HTC is the key to successful home care.

You can consult the online brochure by downloading the pdf below.


PowerPoint presentation for workshop - Part 1

PowerPoint presentation for workshop - Part 2

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