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coderouge 2012

A Webcast of coderouge 2012: the 1st Canadian Conference on Bleeding Disorders in Women that took place May 25, 2012 in Toronto is available on YouTube. To view the presentations, please click on the links below:

Welcome remarks, launch of CODErouge program and
Overview of bleeding disorders in women
    -Dr. Rochelle Winikoff

Quality of life panel presentation: Canadian women share their stories
Moderator: Pam Wilton, RN

Management of bleeding disorders in women - Part 1
Moderator: Dr. Rochelle Winikoff

Laboratory investigation and diagnosis of VWD inside and outside HTCs
    - Dr. Paula James

Pregnancy, delivery and the postpartum
    - Dr. Peter Kouides

Management of bleeding disorders in women - Part 2
Moderator: Dr. Rochelle Winikoff

Menorrhagia and other gynaecological complications
    - Dr. Diane Francoeur

Iron deficiency anemia
    - Dr. Sue Robinson

Management of bleeding disorders in women - Part 3
Moderator: Dr. Rochelle Winikoff

Emergency management: case studies
    - Sherry Purcell, RN and Dr. Michelle Sholzberg

Multidisciplinary programs for women with bleeding disorders (WBD)
How to set up a women's multidisciplinary program

Models of WBD programs: panel presentation
    - Dr. Rochelle Winikoff

State of the art research relating to bleeding disorders in women and Closing remarks
Moderator: Dr. Patricia McCusker

International research perspectives
    - Dr. Peter Kouides

Pregnancy in women with bleeding disorders
    - Dr. Christine Demers

Qualitative assessment of the emotional and behavioural responses of hemophilia A carriers
    - Nisa Renault, Ph.D.

What's new in bleeding assessment tools?
    - Dr. Paula James