Hillary Wapple


Hillary has been a member of the CHS Alberta Chapter for many years and is currently the Co-Chair.  She is a  business owner in Calgary, AB and loves to travel with her fiancé Rob.  She and her daughters have von Willebrand’s Disease.

Carmen Nishiyama


I am one of the Co-chairs of CHS. I have been with the CHS Alberta Chapter for 15yrs and a board member for 10 of those years. I also sit on the National board, NRBDO, and ABOC committees. I am the grandmother of 3 boys with severe Hem A and a granddaughter who is a carrier. Having spent the last 15 years in and out of the hospital dealing with all their medical issues has given me a perspective that has helped in my positions with the board.

Leanne Owen

Vice President

I became a member of the Alberta Chapter in 2010 and joined the Board of Directors team in 2011 as Vice President.  I am currently Chair of the National CHS Website Taskforce and was previously a member of the Goldeye Family Camp Committee, Camp Kindle Committee, Casino Volunteer Team and Advocacy Team. The CHS has helped me meet families with similar challenges and has also been an advocate for me and my family during difficult times.

Ryan Borle


My name is Ryan Borle and I have been treasurer of the CHS Alberta Chapter since I retired from banking in 2013. I became interested in the Hemophilia Society because of my grandson who has hemophilia A with an inhibitor.

Lori Champagne


I have 2 school-age children with Von Willebrand Disease. I describe it to people as “the most common bleeding disorder you’ve never heard of” and believe strongly in expanding awareness of VWD.

Warren Matthie


Warren Matthie has been involved with the CHS Alberta Chapter since 2012 and has been a board member since 2013.

Cassandra Van Essen

Cassandra Van Essen works for Boardwalk Rental Communities and has a son with mild hemophilia type A. Cassandra believes that the CHS Alberta Chapter helps bring people together to share information and experiences. It makes you feel like you are not alone dealing with the different difficulties that you or your loved one face when having a bleeding disorder.

Dawn Miller


I am a stay at home mom. My son Jack has Hemophilia A severe. Jack’s Hemophilia was a mutation and we had no idea what to do when he was diagnosed. The CHS has been a great tool for my family and I to meet other families that are in the same boat as us and to show us we are not alone.

Danica Toy

Medical Office Assistant( Soon to be)

Hemophilia A Severe
CHS is an important organization, because it gives us a voice.
It is a organization who supports those patients and families who are dealing with the bleeding disorders

Cleaven Pagani


Cleaven works in occupational health and safety enforcement. He is learning the ropes in his first term on the Alberta Board of Directors. He joined the board to develop relationships with other people affected by bleeding disorders and stay in touch with current issues surrounding Hemophilia.

Sheri Spady

Past President

Sheri Spady is a mother to three children with the youngest having Severe Hemophilia A. She has been involved with the Alberta Chapter since 2011.

Alberta Chapter By-laws (passed July 1, 2013)