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Cameron Peters

Cameron is an Assistant Crown Attorney with the Ministry of the Attorney General. He is a severe Factor VIII hemophiliac and had Hepatitis C for 3 decades until recently receiving treatment and being cured.

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Kwadwo (Michael) Bosompra

Michael, a Senior Product Manager by day, is in his second term as a member of the Hemophilia Ontario Board Of Directors.

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Meagan Bordi

Over the past 5 years as a CWOR council member I have seen the hard work being done by Hemophilia Ontario and its volunteers to improve the lives of people with bleeding disorders.

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Shelley Hewett

A mother to a son with hemophilia, Shelley Hewett is keenly aware of the challenges facing youth with hemophilia today, and knows first-hand the struggles that parents face raising and assisting a young person with hemophilia.

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Matthew Radford

Matthew is a communications professional in Toronto with background in journalism, marketing and public relations.

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Jamie Hill

Jamie Hill is an internal auditor with the Department of National Defense and holds a CPA, CMA designation. He is, also, a grief counselor and a poet.

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Emil Wijnker

Emil Wijnker is excited to once again represent South Western Ontario Region on the Board of Directors of Hemophilia Ontario and to serve as the Hemophilia Ontario representative to the Canadian Hemophilia Society.

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Darlene Villeneuve

Darlene has been a member of Hemophilia Ontario for 29 years.

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