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Amy Griffith

Amy Griffith is entering her second year as a Hemophilia Ontario Board of Directors member, and has been involved in the organization since 2007.

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Bojan Pirnat

Bojan Pirnat is a mild Factor VIII hemophiliac originally from the Manitoba Chapter who came to Ontario as a graduate student and decided to stay after completing his MA.

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Jamie Hill

Jamie Hill is an internal auditor with the Department of National Defense and holds a CPA, CMA designation. He is, also, a grief counselor and a poet.

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Julia Sek

Julia Sek is a Nurse Manager who has worked with Hemophilia Ontario for many years, serving as the Hemophilia Provincial Coordinator from 2003-2007.

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Kwadwo (Michael) Bosompra

Michael, an Account Executive by day, is in his first term as a member of the Hemophilia Ontario Board Of Directors.

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Meagan Bordi

Over the past 5 years as a CWOR council member I have seen the hard work being done by Hemophilia Ontario and its volunteers to improve the lives of people with bleeding disorders.

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Maia Meier

Maia Meier has been involved with the Canadian Hemophilia Society for many years as the President for Hemophilia Saskatchewan, and then Secretary on the Canadian Hemophilia Society’s National Board.

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Ryan Kleefman

Hemophilia has always been a very influential part of my life. Having hemophilia has its impacts on the way I live, but the hemophilia community definitely has much further reaching influences.

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Shelley Hewett

A mother to a son with hemophilia, Shelley Hewett is keenly aware of the challenges facing youth with hemophilia today, and knows first-hand the struggles that parents face raising and assisting a young person with hemophilia.

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