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Benefits of membership in the Canadian Hemophilia Society (CHS) and its chapters include:

  • notification of and right to attend all national and chapter meetings of members;
  • entitlement to vote on any vote taken by members;
  • a free subscription to Hemophilia Today, the CHS national newsmagazine serving the bleeding disorder community;
  • other, as identified by each chapter.

National membership fee:    $0
Chapter membership fee:    $0

The Canadian Hemophilia Society and/or its chapters will use the information gathered to:

  • build national and chapter membership lists, as required by the Canada not-for-profit corporations act;
  • send you Hemophilia Today and where available, the chapter newsletter;
  • send you notices of members’ meetings, programs and services; and
  • from time to time solicit members for their support.
IMPORTANT: Your names will not be used for any other purpose than those mentioned above and the CHS and its chapters will not share your name or contact information.

All chapters work closely with the national organization, the Canadian Hemophilia Society. Members of a chapter are also members of the CHS, unless they choose not to be. Your chapter will automatically provide your name and address to the Canadian Hemophilia Society, unless you instruct your chapter not to.

To become a member, click here to register.

-Membership is available to Canadian residents only.
-Companies or employees of companies with current or prospective products for the treatment of inherited bleeding disorders are excluded from membership.

However, for those who wish to receive our newsmagazine, Hemophilia Today, please click here to be taken to the home page and enter your e-mail address in the CHS e-News box.