This document was completed by a national multidisciplinary committee, including members of the CHS (Canadian Hemophilia Society), to further the initiatives of the AHCDC (Association of Hemophilia Clinic Directors of Canada) in standardizing the care of people with bleeding disorders nationally, as recommended by the 1998 Standards of Care Conference. The authors acknowledge a long standing wish for national standards dating from the conference Comprehensive Care for the Canadian Hemophiliac, Winnipeg, May 1978.

The document is intended for use by Hemophilia Treatment Centres, hospital administrations, and provincial Ministries of Health.

The Vision is to provide comprehensive care to all individuals with inherited bleeding disorders, guided by clear standards, facilitated by engagement with stakeholders, and driven by needs and best practice, resulting in best outcomes. 

The focus of these standards is on the structural and resource requirements necessary for a Hemophilia Treatment Centre to effectively provide care, and on its functions and responsibilities.  These standards are not intended to guide therapies, these being most properly addressed by clinical practice guidelines.

Canadian Comprehensive Care Standards for Hemophilia and Other Inherited Bleeding Disorders