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The FactorFirst card was developed as a resource for the individual with hemophilia or von Willebrand disease to carry in his/her wallet for presentation to Emergency Department staff when accessing emergency care. The card contains important patient information including details on diagnosis and treatment guidelines and contact names and phone numbers of Ethe patient’s bleeding disorder treatment centre.

To obtain a FactorFirst card, patients should contact their bleeding disorder treatment centre.





Emergency Department Poster
A 17 “ x 22” poster for display in Emergency Departments which contains Guidelines for Emergency Management of Hemophilia and von Willebrand Disease. 


Hemophilia 101 for Emergency and Acute Care Physicians

The Hemophilia Comprehensive Care Program team at St. Michael’s Hospital developed a resource for hemophilia patients to download to their phone and share with a health-care provider who may not be familiar with treatment protocols for this rare disorder. This mobile-friendly digital infographic (and the desktop version) reinforces five key points in management of patients with hemophilia. 

video for clinicians was also released.


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