Hemophilia Ontario Financial Assistance Program

Hemophilia Ontario has a long history of providing financial support to members in need through a variety of programs or funds. With decreasing revenues and a health care landscape that continues to evolve, Hemophilia Ontario has rewritten its policies to ensure it can continue to support those most in need. As of August 1st, 2017, all requests for support must be in alignment with the current policy in order to receive funding. Please note that this revised policy includes the elimination of the Now Experience Wellness (NEW) Program.

The purpose of the Financial Assistance Program is to provide financial support to members of our community in our continuing effort to improve the quality of life of individuals and families affected by bleeding disorders. Hemophilia Ontario provides financial support, based on availability of funding, to help defray the costs of:

  • Expenses incurred in bleeding disorder care, including treatment or prevention of bleeds;
  • Emergency transportation services to HTCs;
  • First-time MedicAlert products and registrations; and
  • Other related expenses determined to be appropriate by Hemophilia Ontario.

Applicants for financial assistance will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be a resident of Ontario and receive treatment from an Ontario Hemophilia Treatment Centre (HTC);
  • Be a parent or caregiver of a minor child who lives in your home and who has a diagnosis of a bleeding disorder OR be an individual with a diagnosed bleeding disorder;
  • Complete the Financial Assistance application and meet the financial need requirements of the Financial Assistance Program policy.

Hemophilia Ontario is a payer of last resort. Applicants may be required to provide proof that they have sought and been declined for funding from other sources first. When an applicant will be reimbursed by a social agency at a later date, Hemophilia Ontario can enter into an agreement whereby the funds are advanced and then later recovered.

Applicants must seek approval prior to purchase in order to be considered for funding. Hemophilia Ontario will not reimburse for expenses already incurred.

Requests for financial assistance shall be reviewed by the Executive Director on a first-come, first-served basis. Financial assistance depends on the availability of funds and applicant eligibility; funding is not guaranteed.

Assistance is limited to two grants per calendar year per household with a combined maximum of $750 being available for financial assistance. Each year, Hemophilia Ontario allocates a set amount of money for this program and once these funds are exhausted, no further claims will be processed. Requests submitted by December 31st will be considered pending availability of funds. Claims are not able to be carried over into the following year.
Hemophilia Ontario prefers not to provide funding directly to the individual applicant(s).

Whenever possible, disbursements will be made directly to vendors identified in the application that have been verified by Hemophilia Ontario. In some cases, for example where something needs to be purchased right away, the applicant may arrange to be reimbursed directly. Support for parking and transportation will be arranged directly with the HTC.

If the application form does not provide the necessary information, Hemophilia Ontario will contact the applicant for additional details. Applicants must demonstrate the request is directly related to their bleeding disorder care. If such requests cannot be completed, the application will be denied.

Once Hemophilia Ontario receives the assistance request, the application will be reviewed and a decision or request for additional information will be made in no more than three business days. Once additional information is received, a final decision will be made in no more than two business days.

Please submit all applications along with relevant quotes or invoices and other relevant supporting documentation via e-mail to bjames@hemophilia.on.ca OR fax to 888-958-0307 OR complete online at https://hemophiliaontario.typeform.com/to/XlQ45m.


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