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Travelling is often an adventure and sometimes a challenge. In today’s world, people with

bleeding disorders work in all professions and many practice self-care. Therapies are easily

transported, and specialized emergency care is now available in many parts of the world. Due to these major advances in care and treatment, there is no longer any reason to pass up the opportunity to travel.

Having a bleeding disorder does, however, pose added challenges, for example:

  • getting through airport security and border crossings with factor products, needles
  • and syringes
  • ƒƒpacking bulky clotting factor concentrates
  • ƒƒensuring you carry medical information in case of a medical emergency
  • ƒƒknowing where to find medical care in a faraway place
  • ƒƒarranging for special travel needs
  • ƒƒobtaining travel insurance.

With the right planning these challenges can usually be overcome. The goal of Bon Voyage! Travelling with a bleeding disorder is to help people with bleeding disorders reduce the risks of travel so they can enjoy their adventure to its fullest.



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