Canadian Hemophilia Society – Manitoba Chapter: November 24, 2010

This first Manitoba Commemoration was held on November 24, 2010 at the Manitoba Legislature Building in the Rotunda and it was an occasion to remember those who have passed away as a result of this tragedy and to honour those who are living with the consequences of HIV and hepatitis C infection.The event was hosted by the Canadian Hemophilia Society – Manitoba Chapter (CHS-MC) and was moderated by Bill Featherstone, Treasurer of CHS-MC, member of the CHS Blood Safety and Supply Committee and member of the Manitoba Blood Advisory committee. Speakers included representatives from the Provincial Government, The Honourable Theresa Oswald, Minister of Health; from Canadian Blood Services, Dr. Debra Lane, Medical Director, and representatives from other groups affected by the tainted blood tragedy. Executive Director, Christine Keilback, of CHS-MB stated:“This is a very important event for us in reaching the public. The lessons learned in the tainted blood tragedy must not be forgotten and the pain and suffering experienced by so many must not be in vain.”