Commemorative Event: November 17th 1-4pm

This Commemorative Event is held yearly to pay respect to the tainted blood tragedy and those who were affected and/or lost their lives due to the tragedy. While this event usually involves a tree planting, this year in order to remember and pay respect to the past, to educate younger generations about the history of our community and how much has happened to bring us to where we are today, and to help guide the future of blood safety and supply, we had an event with food, a film clip, a group activity, and 3 speakers: Yvette Perreault, Director of the AIDS Bereavement and Resiliency Program of Ontario, Antonia “Smudge” Swann, spouse of James Kreppner, who was one of the key activist in finding justice for those affected by the tainted blood tragedy, and actor/writer/producer Kat Lanteigne, who wrote “Tainted”, a play which focused on the lives of a family who discovered they were affected by Canada’s largest public health care disaster, and the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental affects it caused.

56 people came to the event, and the feedback from attendees completed at the event showed that those who attended really enjoyed the speakers, and took away not only a remembering of what the Tainted Blood Tragedy was, but how we can continue into the future the advocacy and activism surrounding the delivery of health care in Canada.

A photo of our amazing speakers is below.