November 7, 2013, Ms. Faye Katzman, of the CHS Saskatchewan Chapter, made a ‘commemoration donation’ to mark the tainted blood tragedy, Canada’s worst preventable medical disaster.

Caption: Phlebotomist Leona Woykin draws blood from Faye Katzman, who is a member of the Canadian Hemophilia Society. Katzman’s 45th blood donation commemorates those who died during the tainted blood scandal and honours the survivors and families affected. The majority were hemophiliacs, who had been given blood products meant to save their lives. The crisis, which happened about 30 years ago, left more than 1,000 Canadians infected with HIV and another 30,000 with Hepatitis C. The Commission of Inquiry on the Blood System in Canada (which transitioned to Canadian Blood Services in 1998) investigated allegations that the government and other organizations allowed contaminated blood to be used. It was released on Nov. 26, 1997, and recommended a new national blood authority be created. (The Star Phoenix, Wednesday Nov 13, 2013, page 4. Bridges photo by Michelle Berg).