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Help us keep Ken’s dream alive!

This is an exciting and promising time for research in Canada, particularly in hemophilia, gene therapy and new initiatives in von Willebrand disease. The Hemophilia Research Million Dollar Club (HRMDC) is a golden opportunity for you to invest in improved treatment and ultimately to find a cure. 

Ken Poyser, a person with severe hemophilia, who passed away in 2010, had a dream. He dreamed of an endowment of at least $1,000,000 to provide funding for inherited bleeding disorders research in Canada. In 1984, with the help of Richard O’Shaunessey, Ed Kubin and many other committed people in the hemophilia community, his dream was brought into reality with the creation of the Hemophilia Research Million Dollar Club (HRMDC). 

In less than six years, the HRMDC reached that goal! In 2000, Frank Bott, the father of two sons who had hemophilia, also had a vision. His dream was to increase the endowment of the Club to $1,600,000 and he spearheaded an ambitious fundraising campaign to which the Club will be forever grateful. Thanks to his efforts and the support of the Canadian Hemophilia Society (CHS), its chapters and regions, and individuals, this goal was reached at the end of 2004.  By the end of 2015, the goal is to reach the 2.5 million dollar mark! 

The capital of this endowment cannot be touched and this is why it is so important to continue to grow the endowment so that the earnings may be applied to research. The HRMDC, in partnership with the CHS, allocates money on a yearly basis to research encompassing a range of projects including gene therapy, von Willebrand disease, correction of mutations and many others. 

Since 1990, the Hemophilia Research Million Dollar Club has funded more than 60 research projects, supported 50 Canadian researchers and invested close to three million dollars to improve treatment and to find a cure for inherited bleeding disorders through the CHS Dream of a Cure Research Program.

There are a number of options available to you. 

Voting Class Certificates
There are an unlimited number of these certificates being offered that increase the level of the endowment. The investment is a single lump sum of $5,000 or five annual payments of $1,000. As well as being publicly recognized for their contributions, the voting class certificate holders elect the Administrators and approve funding recommendations, changes in concepts and objectives of the HRMDC. 

Non-Voting Class Certificates
An unlimited number of non-voting certificates are being offered. While these do not accord any voting rights, contributors are publicly recognized. The cost is a single lump sum of $500 or five installments of $100. This is a good way to honour the special ‘Angel’ in your life (see testimonials Ken Poyser). 

Honorary Certificates
These certificates are very popular as a means of giving recognition to some group or individual, whether living or deceased. They sell for $3,000 each and both the contributor and honoree are publicly recognized.

Donations in any amount are always welcomed. 

All contributions can also be made in recognition of some group or individual, whether living or deceased, and are tax-deductible. 

You can make a donation online.
You can also donate by mail, fax or phone.

Or you may download and print the Million Dollar Club Donation Form

The HRMDC is a dedicated fund of the Canadian Hemophilia Society. The CHS is the sole beneficiary of research funding through its research program, Dream of a Cure. The Administrators, who are elected by the Voting Class Certificate holders for a term of three years, handle all the operations of the HRMDC, make investment recommendations, solicit contributions, and advise the CHS Board of Directors on how much money is available for research in a particular year. 

The HRMDC does not decide what research will get funding. Rather, this is the responsibility of a professional peer group of physicians and researchers appointed by the Canadian Hemophilia Society. The CHS Board of Directors approves all recommendations made by the Administrators and Voting Class Certificate holders.

Ken Poyser, member of the Order of Canada

At the CHS Awards Banquet in December 2006, Ken was presented with the International Contribution Award in recognition of his efforts over a number of years to develop care and services for people with inherited bleeding disorders around the world. On this occasion, he wanted to find a unique and special way to honour the special angel in his life – his wife Darlene.  That evening he issued a heartfelt challenge letting everyone know that he would make a $500 donation to the Hemophilia Research Million Dollar Club to honour his angel and, if five others were willing to match his donation, he would double his gift.  His challenge was quickly taken up. he contributed $1,000 and collectively $5,000 was raised to benefit research. The Angel Club was born. Join us and honour that very special ‘angel’ in your life.

Dr. David Lillicrap

I am optimistic that the next decade will bring the most exciting breakthroughs ever seen in bleeding disorder research, especially in the field of gene therapy.

Dr. Rochelle Winikoff

I am very grateful for the research grants I have received through the Canadian Hemophilia Society, Canada’s charity for hemophilia and bleeding disorders research funding. These grants have prepared me for a career treating patients with bleeding disorders and conducting breakthrough clinical research in the area.

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