CATIE’s up-to-date, comprehensive and bilingual Web site includes more than 100 print materials for download and over 200 pages of information presented both as plain-and-simple language for everyone and as in-depth information for service providers and healthcare professionals in Canada. For more information about HCV or to order HCV and HIV-related educational material, including publications produced by the CHS, please go to CATIE’s Web site.

Approved use of hepatitis C treatment in Canada
For information on the approved use of hepatitis C treatment in Canada, see the Hepatitis C drugs approved in Canada for adults chart and fact sheets on each hepatitis C treatment.

Hepatitis C: An In-Depth Guide
CATIE’s updated online resource provides comprehensive information on all aspects of hepatitis C, including: new and revised information to reflect new treatment options; new fact sheets about each Hep C drug; and information on Hep C prevention, transmission, and healthy living.


Effects of hepatitis C on the body
Healthline has created an interactive infographic detailing the effects of Hepatitis C on the body.


HEP C video
This video produced by the Gastrointestinal Society and the Canadian Society of Intestinal Research covers everything you need to know about hepatitis C, including symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.


 Curing Hepatitis C: What you need to know

CATIE, 2019

This booklet provides essential information in simple language on hepatitis C treatment and cure, including:
• high cure rates of treatment
• the benefits of being cured
• what to expect during treatment
• tips for staying healthy after being cured

Hepatitis C drugs approved in Canada for adults [poster] CATIE, revised March 2019
This colourful wall poster was designed to be used in clinics, hospitals or community agencies that need hepatitis C information. It lists hepatitis C medications by viral genotype so that patients can easily discuss their treatment options with their healthcare providers.

Here is the list of provinces that lifted restrictions to hepatitis C treatment based on liver injury as of May 9, 2018:

Prince Edward Island;
British Columbia;
and the Federal Non-insured Health benefits (NIHB) program, which provides health benefits to registered First Nations and recognized Inuit people.

Hep C Can Be Cured
CATIE, Revised in 2019
This client brochure aims to provide basic information about current hepatitis C treatments, while offering people useful questions to ask their doctor about their treatment options. It also addresses the issues of paying for treatment and healthy living. Simple language and engaging design are used to help everyone understand the basics of treatment.

Hep C Passport
This pocket-sized booklet allows a person living with Hep C or their service provider to enter results of key tests, from genotype to fibrosis score to viral load. Each page explains what each test means, and allows people to monitor their results over time. (Published by CATIE) is a web portal listing service providers for people living with and at risk of HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C (HCV) in Canada. and provide people living with and at risk for HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C with information about services that offer real help in Canada. You can search for services by location, type of service or specific need. To learn more about how to use, consult the Q&A

CTAC: Tx Map
TAC has launched a new online interactive tool called the Tx Map, the Treatment Map. It allows community members, service providers and policy researchers to access information on HIV and Hep C treatment options currently available through provincial, territorial and federal public drug plans in Canada. Learn more.