Announcing HIRT?
(Hemophilia Injury Recognition Tool)

This is an innovative INJURY self-management App developed specifically for young men with mild hemophilia.

This App will assist the young men with mild hemophilia in injury self-management by:

  • Helping to identify signs and symptoms of a bleed;
  • Encouraging the use of first aid;
  • Reminding them to reassess the injury (1 hour, 24 hours and 2 days) until the risk of rebleed has passed;
  • Providing hemophilia centre telephone contact information in case the injury worsens and they require medical attention;
  • Making the booklet “Identifying Common Joint & Muscle Bleeds” available within the App to assist with assessment.

Apple (iOS) users have three options:
1. Go to Apple Store and type “HIRT?” in the search bar.
2. Go to iTunes and type “HIRT?” in the search bar.
3. Follow this link:

Google (Android) usersClick here or go to Play Store and search “HIRT?

We will be evaluating the App over the next year. If you are a young man with mild hemophilia, please try the App and contact us if you wish to provide feedback. If you have any questions or would be willing to participate in the evaluation don’t hesitate to contact JoAnn Nilson at:

Developers of the HIRT?
JoAnn Nilson, Kathy Mulder, Kristy Wittmeier, Candice Schachter, Richard Lomotey, Sarah Oosman and Cathy Arnold

Project funded by the CHS/Baxter Canada Inherited Bleeding Disorders Fellowship Program for Nurses and Allied Health Care Professionals and through two Bayer Hemophilia Awards Program (BHAP) Caregiver Awards (2011 and 2014). Click here for more information on this awards program.

HIRT? announcement in PDF