The First Edition of the Canadian Comprehensive Care Standards for Hemophilia and Other Inherited Bleeding Disorders was published in June 2007. It has proven invaluable in guiding health care providers in treatment centres, hospital administrators, ministries of health and the patient association in the coordination and delivery of “integrated” or “comprehensive” care for people with bleeding disorders. Much, however, has changed since then. The 2020 updated version was needed to reflect current best practices.

Canadian Integrated and Comprehensive Care Standards for Inherited Bleeding Disorders

A self-assessment checklist has been designed as a companion document to the 2020 standards.

Completion of this checklist will:

  • help stakeholders to become familiar with the standards and the health outcomes targeted
  • identify standards that are being met and care delivery that is being done well
  • highlight areas where there is opportunity for improvement or remedial action required to meet the standards
  • facilitate the development of an action plan to correct any deficiencies.