The Prince Edward Island Chapter holds annual and semi-annual dinner meetings where, in addition to conducting the local business of the chapter, special guests are invited to present on a variety of health-related issues including inherited bleeding disorders and public health concerns such as hepatitis C. Everyone is welcome to attend. Contact us so we can add you to our invitation list.

The PEI Chapter can assist in providing current and relevant printed material on such topics as hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, and other inherited bleeding disorders as well as other public health issues that have affected our community.

Local hospitals, physicians and other members of the public health community on Prince Edward Island have been dealing with care and treatment of bleeding disorders and hepatitis C for a number of years. Some are more experienced than others. Most will often make referrals to other specialists in PEI or Atlantic Canada if they feel medical issues require a more comprehensive evaluation. The PEI Chapter can provide some guidance and support if you need to deal with the local medical community.

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