You can get involved with the NB Chapter of the Canadian Hemophilia Society and make a difference.

Getting involved would help to:

  • Ensure a strong voice for NB people living with bleeding disorders;
  • Meet others, share experiences and learn from them;
  • Create new programs and determine future needs for you and your family;     
  • Have a closer connection with the Canadian Hemophilia Society (CHS);
  • Attend conferences to learn more about bleeding disorders.

 A membership can offer different opportunities:

  • Public awareness about bleeding disorders – Reach out to the larger community;
  • Communication – We want to be able to communicate with you by having an official membership list.
  • Volunteer work – looks great on a resume; it is a great way to meet people and make new friends.
  • Develop programs and decide on national priorities for people with bleeding disorders – the Canadian Hemophilia Society is always looking for families or individuals who want to help.
  • Travel, meet people from other parts of Canada and the world when attending conferences and gaining the experience of a lifetime.

Please get your free membership today!

Membership numbers are used in funding requests and have a direct impact on the support we receive.  As well, your membership allows you to vote at the Annual General Meeting.  Remember, potential funders choose committed and active groups!

Your membership not only shows a commitment to the work we do, it allows us to stay in touch with you enabling you to stay informed on what’s going on with respect to the Bleeding Disorder Community, such as; peer support, Summer Camps, School Bursaries and more.