Nurses have played an integral role in caring for patients with inherited bleeding disorders in Canadian Hemophilia Treatment Centres (HTC) for nearly thirty years. Despite the geographical distances that separate the HTCs in Canada, nurses have met informally through the years to share ideas, to support one another and to develop patient and professional resources. In 1997, the Canadian Association of Nurses in Hemophilia Care (CANHC) became a formal association with a constitution that is reviewed and amended by the membership on an annual basis. CANHC is recognized as an associate member of the Canadian Nurses Association.

Currently there are thirty-seven CANHC members employed at twenty-six HTC across the country serving approximately 6000 patients with hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders (CHR May 2008).

CANHC’s mission is to ensure a high standard of nursing practice, education and research with the goal to promote, maintain and restore health for those individuals and their families living with a bleeding disorder.

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