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May 2020

Hemophilia patient feedback

To complement an accredited educational program for health care practitioners, Agence Unik and TELUS Health, on behalf of Pfizer, are pleased to invite patients with hemophilia A or B, or their caregiver, to participate in a survey.

The anonymous survey results will be consolidated and used to help health care practitioners specializing in hemophilia improve their awareness of patients needs and better support overall care.

The survey contains 30 questions and should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. In recognition of the time spent completing the survey, the participants will receive a Tim Hortons e-gift card in the amount of $20.

In order to participate in this survey, you or your loved one must:

– Be male

– Have been diagnosed with mild, moderate, or severe hemophilia A or B

– Currently live in Canada

Agence Unik and TELUS Health understand this is a difficult time for everyone, particularly those in health care. They wish to emphasize that this questionnaire was planned and designed before the recent COVID-19 crisis developed. Taking into consideration that participants are busy, this survey is available for an extended period of time, until Friday, June 12, to allow everyone to contribute.

Link to survey: