1950s – Plasma became available although it did not contain enough of the needed factor.

1952  – hemophilia A and hemophilia B were identified to be two distinct diseases

1953 – The Canadian Hemophilia Society (CHS) was founded.  The CHS quickly developed from a small Montréal-based support group to a national organization with chapters in each province.

1960s – Cryoprecipitate was discovered by Dr. Judith Pool

1963 – The World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) was founded by Frank Schnabel.

1965 – Cryoprecipitate “Cryo” improves treatment a bit. Basically “Cryo” was what settled to the bottom of a bag of plasma. It contained more of the needed factor.  It was then frozen and infused, a long hospital procedure.

1966 – The Alberta Chapter was founded- Art and Leona Olson were two pioneers of the Alberta Chapter and the Northern Alberta Region, beginning to organize activities in the 1950s. The first meeting of the Alberta Chapter was held October 1, 1966.

1970s – Factor concentrates containing factor VIII and IX become available.

1978 – The Doctor John Akabutu Centre for Bleeding Disorders began in 1978, as the Northern Alberta Comprehensive Hemophilia Clinic located in Edmonton.

1980s – Factor concentrates infect 80% of the people with hemophilia in the U.S with HIV, many have since passed away.

1983 – Development of first computerized information system for hemophilia records by CHS and physicians

1984 – Hemophilia Research Million Dollar Club created

1985 – First viral inactivated factor products become available.

1990 – Blood donations screened for hepatitis C

1992 – First non plasma derived factor becomes available using recombinant DNA technology.

1993 – 11% of HIV infected individuals died

1995 – Prophylaxis “Prophy” becomes the standard of treatment. Instead of waiting for prolonged bleeding to occur, factor is taken regularly to prevent bleeding and increase quality of life.

2003 – CHS turns 50 years old.  Take a look at the history that has been made over 30 years.

2004 –  The Edmonton clinic was renamed the Doctor John Akabutu Centre for Bleeding Disorders to recognized Dr. Akabutu’s work to establish comprehensive hemophilia care in Edmonton.

2007 – Southern Alberta Rare Blood and Bleeding Disorders Comprehensive Care Program was developed.  It is at the Foothills Medical Center.

2008 – Edmonton Clinic – Dr. John Akabutu Comprehensive Centre for Bleeding Disorders 30th anniversary.

2008 –  Ken Poyser was made a member of the Order of Canada by Her Excellency, the Right Honorable Michelle Jean, in honor of his work with hemophilia in Edmonton, Canada, and the world. Ken was president of the Alberta chapter of the Canadian Hemophilia Society, President and board member of the national Canadian Hemophilia Society, Chairman of the board of the Million Dollar club of the national CHS, and Treasurer of the World Federation of Hemophilia, based in Montreal.

2010 – Ken Poyser died after a long and brave struggle with liver failure

2013 – WFH celebrates 50 Years and the Canadian. Hemophilia celebrates 60 years.

2013: By-Laws: Effective July 1, 2013 the Alberta Chapter by-laws by majority vote were passed.

2014 – In January 2014,  the Northern Alberta Region and the Southern Alberta Region came together and formed the Alberta Chapter.  The new board comprised of 10 individuals was elected in January 2014.