Social Workers are graduates from accredited universities and are registered members of the College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers We adhere to the Code of Ethics of our governing college and to the Standards of Practice for Canadian Social Workers Hemophilia Care.


  • To understand and respond helpfully to  social, emotional, cultural and environmental concerns
  • To support emotional/psychological well being
  • To promote cultural sensitivity
  • To encourage the ability of the individual with a Bleeding Disorder to make well educated decisions about his/her health care needs and to access and make use of the services and programs that can help.

Beliefs, Principles & Values
We believe and support that the individual living with a Bleeding Disorder and his/her family has the right to:       

  • Be treated with respect and dignity in a non-judgmental manner
  • Be an active member of the health care team
  • Have equal access to services and be supported in accessing these services both emotionally and practically
  • Have your concerns listened to and responded to
  • Receive emotional support