Help spread the word about inherited bleeding disorders.

It’s one thing to suffer because nothing can be done. It’s entirely another to suffer with an inherited bleeding disorder because of a lack of awareness. That’s tragic!

Chances are you know someone who has an inherited bleeding disorder. One in 100 Canadians carries an inherited bleeding disorder gene, and 1 in 10 of these, or 35,000 Canadians, has symptoms severe enough to require medical care. Many of them have not yet been properly diagnosed … thus suffering in silence. That is why the CHS is so committed to increasing awareness and educating people about the symptoms and treatment of bleeding disorders.

The Canadian Hemophilia Society and its chapters are committed to reaching out with information to every man woman and child in the country by educating them on the benefits of early diagnosis and how to better treat and manage these disorders.

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Let us know what you are planning and we will provide you with Red White & You material. Below you will find the material that has been prepared for this event.




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For more information or to order material, please call Joyce Argall at 1-800-668-2686.

On April 17, World Hemophilia Day, or at any other time during the year, the CHS and its chapters will organize Red White & You  events across the country in an effort to help spread the word about inherited bleeding disorders.

Red and white for the colours of the red and white blood cells that unite us to YOU. While there are few Canadians who are directly affected by a severe bleeding disorder, we all share a common bond through the CHS’s commitment to ensure a safe, secure blood supply and support for all Canadians affected by a bleeding disorder; even those who don’t event know it.

Red White & You event can take many forms:

Wear Red or White day 
Organize a day in your school or workplace where participants who wear red or white donate a toonie for your chapter.

Host a Red White & You Kiosk
Host an awareness kiosk at a local mall where visitors can find helpful information. 

Hold a Red White & You Raffle
Hold a raffle and offer a great prize, perhaps a red or white ipod or similar colour-themed item.

Organize a Red White & You Fundraising Event
Organize a fundraising event such as a Walk-A-Thon to raise money for your Chapter and help Canadian children and adults affected by a bleeding disorder.

Please note any proceeds earned from a Red White & You event are kept 100% in chapter.

Bleeding disorders are a family of diseases in which blood proteins or platelets that help the blood to clot are missing or do not function properly, resulting in prolonged bleeding. While surface cuts and abrasions can create minor problems, the main risk for children and adults with these disorders is internal bleeding, mainly into muscles and joints or vital organs, which can cause death. 

For women there are additional risks: heavy menstrual periods, which in the absence of proper diagnosis can lead to unnecessary hysterectomies, and the risk of hemorrhaging during childbirth.

For all people with bleeding disorders prolonged bleeding after injury or surgery can be life threatening.

On April 17, help us raise awareness of bleeding disorders by organizing a Red White & You event in your workplace, school or community. Can’t make it on April 17? Well, Red White & You events can be organized at any time during the year.

……..for taking the time to consider partnering with the CHS for our Red white & YOU awareness campaign in support of people suffering from an inherited bleeding disorder in Canada.