Research and Patient Care Initiatives
Many social workers across the country are involved in research including areas concerned with vocations, ageing and ADHD. As well, social workers initiate or collaborate on patient care initiatives such as Reducing Needle Fear.

With regards to vocations, the Canadian Social Workers in Hemophilia Care prepared a questionnaire to help people with bleeding disorders gather information about a particular job or career, and to consider how it would fit with their health care needs. Click here to download and print the vocational assessment tool.

Questions or issues your social worker can help you with:
For example…
What do I need to consider in planning a career?  How do I find resources?

I am having a hard time doing my work because of my bleeding disorder—what are my rights and what are my options?

How do I find services to help?

Do I need to tell my employer that I have a bleeding disorder? 

When and how do I tell my girlfriend/boyfriend that I have a bleeding disorder?

What is the law around disclosing HIV or hepatitis C?

How do I start to talk to my child about having a bleeding disorder?

How do I prepare my child to be responsible and able to take over their own care as they grow up?

My spouse and I disagree about who to tell about our child’s bleeding disorder and about how much to protect our child with a bleeding disorder.