Hélène Bourgaize
514-848-0503, ext. 222

Support to national Board of Directors, annual action plan, budget and financial reporting, management of human, financial, material and information resources, chapter relations, policy development, support for youth leadership.

Deborah Franz Currie
514-848-0503, ext. 229

Support to national Board of Directors, external relations, national fundraising, support for chapter fundraising, relations with pharmaceutical companies, overall program direction, annual action plan, budget and financial reporting.

David Page
514-848-0503, ext. 224

Advances in coagulation therapies, relations with external bodies in health policy and delivery, comprehensive care, support for chapters’ efforts to promote standards-based care, blood safety and supply, assistance in organizing medical/scientific workshops and conferences.

Joyce Argall
514-848-0503, ext. 228

Support for the Hemophilia Research Million Dollar Club, website donations, donor data base, direct mail program, preceptorship program, scholarship and bursary program.

Stéphane Lemieux
514-848-0503, ext. 227

Accounting, budget preparation, accounts receivable and payable, budget variance, preparation of financial reports and statements, investments.

Rachel Leslie
514-848-0503, ext. 223
Support to health care provider groups, Parents Empowering Parents (PEP), website development and updating, social media platforms, bookkeeping.

Michel Long
514-848-0503, ext. 225

Coordination of CHS research programs, support for international projects and twinning, support for program implementation

Chantal Raymond
514-848-0503, ext. 226

CHS publications, Hemophilia Today, E-newsletter, social media platforms, annual report, support for program implementation.