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Eastern Health

Hemophilia Program
Eastern Health, Janeway Site
Room 2J755
300 Prince Philip Drive
St. John’s, Newfoundland  A1B 3V6

Clinic directors
Dr. Lynette Bowes
Dr. Paul Moorehead
Dr. Mary Frances Scully
Dr. Natasha Pardy

Nurse coordinator
Jill MacDonald
Tel: 709-777-4374
Fax: 709-777-4292

Colleen Jones Down
Dianne Penney (backup)
Physiotherapy Department
Room 1J052
Tel.: 709-777-4346
Fax: 709-777-4499

Social worker
Clarke Dale
Room J4294
Tel.: 709-777-4434
Fax: 709-777-4796

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