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Health Sciences Centre

Bleeding Disorders Program
Health Sciences Centre
FE 331 685 William Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba  R3E 0Z2

Clinic directors
Dr. Jayson Stoffman
Dr. Donald Houston
Dr. Sara Israels
Dr. Emily Rimmer

Nurse coordinator
Crystalynne San Juan
Tel.: 204-787-2465
Pager: 204-787-2071 # 3346
Fax: 204-787-1743

Matthew Thiessen
Natalie Ruest
Physiotherapy-Child Health
CH246 – 840 Sherbrook Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba  R3A 1S1
Tel.: 204-787-2641
Fax: 204-787-1965

Greig Blamey
Blake Richison, (backup)
800 Sherbrook Street, Room RR140E
Winnipeg, Manitoba  R3A 1R9
Tel.: 204-787-2922 (Greig)
Tel: 204-787-1965 (Blake)
Fax: 204-787-4960

Social worker
Patty Phrakonkham-Ali
810 Sherbrook Street, MS107
Winnipeg, Manitoba  R3A 1R8
Tel.: 204-794-8133
Fax: 204-787-1538

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